I have attached 3 photographs of a massive American fresco done in the mid-1930’s by Victor Arnautoff.
The color pigments were penetrated into still wet plaster, truly amazing.
These murals are almost 100 years old, and reside inside a High School.
They represent the life of George Washington.



Mural 3.

well. the push to erase washington and figures from money has begun

Hellllooooo Harriett Tubman

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if anyone actually knows what these murals represent i will be impressed.

maybe junetwentieth day will help

we’ll see tomorrow

btw is there anyone more flagrantly gay than charles neslon riley?

thats meant as a compliment of course.

the gayer the better!

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wonder what the op’er is saying on all the other political forums right now.

hopefully scumbag soros is getting his money worth

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By no means is this thread about Mark Levin, I just thought his inquiries into the subject at hand, along side these Murals might be a good entrance into a very serious discussion.

mark levine?

oh. we thought that was you

Milo Yiannopoulos ?

Alright…then start one. What is systematic racism IYO?

I just want to know how Biden was at or near the pinnacle of US government all those decades and yet, did nothing to rid us of this systemic racism.

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What is wrong with you? If there was “systematic racism” present and we’ve had a black President for 8 years along with Biden, why does it still exist?


Prove what? Are you unaware of all the years Joe Biden was in the senate and the near decade he was Vice President?

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not even close

Isn’t identifying the problem the first order of business before you try to fix it? You can’t just say systemic racism! Well, how does it manifest itself? What do you want to do about it? Hand out more handicaps?

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40 years in one of the highest offices in Gov’t.

8 years in the 2nd Highest office in the US Gov’t.

If Systemic Racism actually exists why has he done nothing about it?

Nobody but yourself has made such an idiotic comment.

Joe never even used the phrase until recently which makes it even more apparent it’s a BS claim/premise from word one.

If it does exist however his record proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s not the guy to address it.


Didn’t Biden create one of the main elements use to tout the concept of systemic racism re: criminal justice? Aren’t we pushing to reform things he implemented?

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How does it compare to the record of a guy who settled a case because he denied people potential housing over the color of their skin?

I actually think that systemic racism exists, but not in the way promoted by the news media. Here are a few examples:

  1. Discriminatory requirements for admission of Asian-Americans to US colleges.
    Discrimination in College Admissions | Asian American Coalition for Education

  2. Racist reporting in the mainstream media that hypes white-on-black violence but ignores black-on-white violence. For a recent example see:
    Elderly couple gunned down in Delaware cemetery - #10 by

  3. Uncritical reporting of fraudulent claims of white racism. Coverage of Jussie Smollett and the Covington kids are recent examples.

  4. Rewriting history to fit the Democrat narratives about racism. Slavery and Jim Crow were promoted and defended by Democrats; Republicans fought to end them. Racist federal rules for red-lining and discrimination in GI Bill benefits were products of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations that were finally repealed in the 1960s as a result of support of Republicans.