Sweatshops are a good thing, change my mind

It’s how Singapore and Hong Kong reached prosperity

There is no reason to have people working in unsafe conditions.

Hello John. This is what happens when we trade with non Representative nations. The benefits goes to ruling class

It was one thing that I use to have respect for democrats…they use to advocate human rights.

Now that they are in control who needs em.

Wait - when did this happen? Last time I checked, Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. Did I miss an election or something??


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hey john, nice to see you come over from FB.


They had a bunch of “sweat shops” pop up in LA during Obama, because of open borders… Illegals get abused in them… Trump is trying to stop it.

TJ max, Forever 21 scandal etc…

There are all kinds of reasons.

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So we don’t need firefighters? Cops? How about the linemen that hook up your power after storms? Those jobs, among others, all have unsafe conditions at times.

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All those folks also have safety standards that they try to adhere to.

Hey John! How’ve you been? Have seen you around in forever.

Sweatshops are a good thing in certain contexts.

There arrives a point in the evolution of an economy where they are no longer “good”.

They’re certainly a good thing for shareholders.

If there are no other jobs, they are good for everyone. My mother worked in a sewing factory making suits. In the summer the ambulance crews stayed parked outside. There were always women passing out from the heat. “Piece work” .

My mother had to work. My dad had a better job on the railroad but she still had to work. The company would have shut down the factory if regulations had required them to air condition the plant. Eventually they did and factories moved overseas or Mexico where the clothes could still be made in sweatshops. Globalists… even Republican “free trade” proponents think that is a good idea.

I think he means unnecessary unsafe conditions.

Some jobs are just dangerous no matter what you do. Soldiering, Construction, Underwater Welding, etc. etc.

Making tennis shoes should be a fairly safe job.

Been doing well, hope all is well in your world

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sweatshops were common in America until 1901 when they were banned in Chicago. this led to an array of aid to poor mothers whose kids were no longer allowed to work and drove up wages for men.

Who met the cost of having the ambulances parked outside and the accompanying medical costs incurred for the medical treatment that no matter how minor had to be paid for?

Were the workers continued to be paid after they had passed out and had to seek medical treatment?

I bet anything that the owners of the factory did not have to endure such terrible conditions .

What additional enforcement efforts has Trump introduced to crack down on unscrupulous business owners who take advantage of illegals?

It is good to see John back posting around here.