Surprisingly Strzok has already raised 30k for lost wages and legal fees. Who would support this cause?

Strzok is using a “Go Fund Me” account to raise money when he should be looking at the world through steel bars.

Soon enough…soon enough he will pay the price for pushing a biased false investigation on the Trump campaign.

So, what would he be charged with, texting on a government phone?

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Must learn to read…then comment.

Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare explains why in this thread:

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Read what? You said he should be viewing the world from behind bars. So what is his supposed crime?

I sure liked him in those hearings. I understand Mueller needed a distraction/scapegoat/fall guy.

People say stupid uneducated things.

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Who would support him and send money. Idiots mostly.


Well, isn’t that special. Poor helpless Strzok shouldn’t be held accountable…sad.

You clearly didn’t read the thread. The only real question is if it was unwillingness or inability.

You never can tell with Trumpers.

I read the thread, not convinced.

Sure you did.

We’ll start with Strzok and move up the ladder.

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Hey, cool, a conspiracy thread!


Nailed it buddy.

Guilty of MindCrimes.

He was thinking biased thoughts.

Then he was texting biased thoughts.

He’ll serve 10 to 999 years.

Found it!

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Great post! You nailed it! :+1:

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Strzok just before he is fired…got it. Thanks, very funny.

Nice try Laughing Boy. He wasn’t the only posting crazy charts. That would be you. Now give your cigarette to your invisible friend and take a nap.

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