Surprising bump in presidential polls since the Russian invasion

Stop mindlessly trusting the lying media who have gotten the US into multiple bloody wars. Full stop.

If you have any real evidence that Cernovich is currently wrong about pizza gate or anything else of importance to you please post a link.

According to Putin, who’s line of bull you inexplicably seem to swallow hook, line and sinker.

Did you seriously ask us to prove to you that there was not a child molestation ring operating out of a pizza shop in Washington DC?

Did you seriously ask us to do that?

Come on man! Argue better than this.

Why exactly should I care what Putin’s approval rating is?

It’s could be 99%, why does it matter? Are you trying to justify why it’s ok to support him?

The pizza shop doesn’t even have a ■■■■■■■ basement!

Really not believing the “in pa” thing at all anymore.

99% of Austrians voted in approval of the Anchluss in a plebiscite…after German forces had moved in.

This of course proves Austria was totally cool with it.

And all the weird Nazi stuff.

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I’m just super curious why it matters… seems like he is trying to justify something

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When we comment on how there are people “rooting for Putin” on these very boards, I’m trying to figure out why people are saying we are lying or exaggerating about that…

Classic gaslighting

Well what usually happens is the claim will be made that since the posters don’t overly say “I’m rooting for Putin”, they aren’t actually doing so.

Even though they do nothing but repeat unfounded propaganda from Russia.

Ahem. It’s “rootin for Putin”.:wink:

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Stop calling it the “China virus”! Oh wait, that was a different time in our country.

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the polls are going to favor your masters… who counts the polls?

the same people who will count your votes


You’re free to find another forum more suitable to your tastes.



Oh, man!