Surprising bump in presidential polls since the Russian invasion

Russian trust in Putin has SURGED since the invasion of Ukraine (according to state-run poll): Study claims support is up from 60% to 71% as public are told ‘shameless lies’ about the war . . .

Meanwhile, Biden’s polls have been more-or-less steady although they may have improved slightly.

Are the US media falling behind in the race to pump out shameless lies?

Or do we need more censorship to ban debunks of media propaganda that supports the narrative from the White House?

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How did I know that when you posted it about presidential polls, you were referring to your guy Putin?


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What specific media propaganda?

President Biden and President Putin both have presidential polls.

The narrative in the White House is that Putin deeply unpopular in Russia. The reality appears to be western sanctions have targeted average Russians for abuse and harassment, which has increased support for Putin even from people who normally oppose him.

You left out “baseless lies”. :roll_eyes: This is all so ■■■■■■■ transparent.

The Dem marketing arm of the media are doing all they can.

However we still allow free speech. Russia is imprisoning anyone expressing dissent. So the info flow is totally rigged there.

It looks like Cernovich has been batting 1000 on his list of his media lies and misinformation from soon after the invasion:

There is a whole thread that discusses these and other examples:

Cernovich believed Pizzagate was real.

Don’t listen to him.


In my country Russia, polls post you.


I simply don’t understand why libs on this forum (like me) are accusing some of our Conservative friends of being Putinophiles.:thinking:

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Literally posting Russian state-run polls and claiming they represent “the reality.”

US censorship is somewhat more subtle. People representing the official line from Washington tell media what to censor with an implied threat of being targeted “six ways from Sunday”.

A prime example was the letter from 50+ former intel officials falsely implied that the Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Neither the officials nor the media who dutifully repeated their lies have never been sanctioned for spreading disinformation that was an important factor in the last election.

Meanwhile alternative media, such as Parler, faced an orchestrated take down from tech monopolies allied with elements within the government.

How many media outlets are brave enough to be the next Parler?

How many in the media reported the ghost jet and deaths of a Ukrainian garrison at Snake Island as real?

How many have faced sanctions for repeating this disinformation?

Simply out of curiosity, do the outright lies of RT and TASS bother you? And Snake Island is a mistake that has since been corrected. And the Ghost of Kyiv is a story but based on the number of Russian aircraft shot down in the early days and maybe was kind of based on real people. The Grey Wolf(Oksanchenko) was real and Colonel Alexander Vladimirovich Mostovoy. Near Vasilkovo, he shot down a Russian Il-76, as well as two Mi-24 helicopters. So that may be part of it.


Cernovich believed Pizzagate was real.

He is the last person on this planet who has a right to point out how people got things wrong on Twitter.

Listen to better people.

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Please provide some examples of outright lies from RT and TASS so we can discuss.

Yes, listen to the “real news” media. You know the ones who were complicit in the Gulf-of-Tonkin hoax, the Kuwaiti-incubator hoax, the weapons-of-mass-destruction hoax, the humanitarian-bombing-of-Libya hoax, etc.

These lies and misinformation have resulted wars that have resulted in wars that have killed millions of people, and we are seeing the same kind of hoaxes now.

Cernovich believes Pizza gate is real.

Full Stop

Only the dumbest of the dumb believe that.

Listen to better people.

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This forum only ratchets one way.