Surprised this hasn't been posted yet....Biden falls going up Air Force one

Still think he makes it four years?

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Yes, I do.

I have watched that video over and over and can’t stop laughing.


the thing about this is not that he’s feeble, which has been obvious, but how the ministers of ■■■■■■■■ portray it

and how people believe it


It has been posted.

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We got stumbling Joe, laughing Kamaalaa, and then we got bill clinton hosting women’s empowerment. Doofis.

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What that video didn’t show was kamala setting it all up and then cackling like a moron after.


Yep laughing Kamaalaa, she is a real piece of work.

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Nope… No Way

I’m not really sure what y’all find so damning about this video. Yes, he stumbles, but he’s taking the stairs pretty quickly and ultimately gets back up on his own and makes it it to the top, is able to solute, and walk into the airplane. I’m only in my forties and have stumbled going up stairs before.


Not so damning.

Think of all the fun we had with Gerald Ford.

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Old man like him (Sleepy Joe) uses very poor judgement.

That is why Kamaalaa is meeting with most world leaders for the Biden team.

Trips happen.

Especially when your old and senile.

For real? Which ones?

Are you referring to Chevy Chase’s portrayal of him?

People of all ages use poor judgement from time to time.

Childish nicknames are still childish.


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  • yinz


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Dude is old. He’s gonna trip. I’m OK with that.