Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


You don’t know any conservatives.


You said it was stereotypical. Of who? Certainly not old white people. It’s not race, it’s culture.


I live in Appalachia. I can throw a rock from my window and hit a conservative.


Of course it’s stereotypical, that’s the whole point. Yes it’s culture, you feel there aren’t old black people mad about the kneeling?


Such a capitalist…


Lolololol someone is getting pwned


10 char.


Bert Jones?


Its amazing how someone could be mad at a company for supporting an American-born citizen for exercising their constitutional right of peaceful protest. It’s even more amazing how many people in this country try to use “patriotism” as a way to hide their prejudices. Many of these same people who claim to love the military are the same ones that drive past homeless vets and wont give them a single dollar.


Why the hell dont businesses stay out of politics and religion?


I assume you guys are being sarcastic?

I don’t mind football players kneeling, but when Kaepernick wore shoes saying Cops are pigs - I was no loger a fan.

I won’t be buying Nike ever again.


We know you support them now. Thanks.


What is it that you think I support?


lol - Where did you get that from? :rofl:


Why did you feel entitled to go into my post . Exploiting a mistake by someone who leaves their wiki is umm… well dont do it again, please. You can just respond and tell me without going into my post.


I really didn’t know if you would get a notification or not if i just did it in the post. There is no way to click reply while that is open.

Did you get some sort of notice or did you just notice. Just curious. I meant no ill intent.


Of course any lib is free to believe that it was actually a statement of courage of good cops. You people will believe anything.


:rofl: I know about the socks. But that is completely different than what Alex had heard. Funny how those fish stories grow.


He was only making a comment on the bad cops… you know, the way the cops and so many others are only making their comments about the bad blacks all the time.


A lot of restaurants decided to start serving blacks. That was very political at the time.