Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike

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Are you under the impression that Nike was driven by politics or religion in this decision somehow?

Nike hasn’t done anything political here.


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Oh yes… of course. Like… take any other victim class. Wear socks that denigrate the class. When you are called on it, say “oh… just the bad ones”.

Uh huh.



That’s a good commentary on way to many people treating athletes like “heroes”.


Interesting perspective. Nike takes arguably the most volatile,controversal politically charged ex athlete and puts him up as poster boy. How is that not being political? Are you adept at being obtuse? Its a slippery slope.


It closed a buy, just like it did yesterday. In fact it’s more of a buy the more it dips.

You’re welcome.


Great post, but let’s not forget that Trump sacrificed as well!

I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.


Mickey Mantle.


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Trump likes soldiers who don’t get fragged.


Ok. Words.


I’ll grant you that it is mostly right wing ■■■■■■■■ that have a problem with Kaepernick and are laughably having hissy fits over this. In fact, I’d wager it is mostly just Trump bots.

I’m glad that Nike is not worrying about those anti-American bigots.

Nike has done nothing political. Ignoring a bunch of ■■■■■■■■ is not the same as inserting themselves into politics.


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If you step back and look at it from a further perspective, here’s what’s going on:

White conservatives are so incensed about a black man expressing his first amendment rights to draw attention to an historical real or perceived injustice that they’re actually lighting their own property on fire in a fit of rage.

I’m pretty sure I know which side of this chapter of history I want to be on.


Not at all. I love conflict.


I disaggree. I think NIKE has thrown its hat into the political realm for the almighty dollar. They understand their base.


Lemme guess…
The side of the black guy who had it zo hard because he was raised by white parents?


Or it could be some people don’t like protests during the national anthem.

And some are singing it on their knees.