Supreme Court clears way for Manhattan prosecutors to subpoena Trump's taxes

No dissents- interesting.
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an effort by former President Trump’s lawyers to block Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from enforcing a subpoena for his personal and financial tax returns.

Why it matters: It’s a major defeat in the former president’s long-running legal battle to shield his tax returns from prosecutors.

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Now that he no longer has executive privilege it is pretty much moot.

I wasn’t able to see, but did this decision uphold the notion that executive privilege was not enough to void the subpoena?

it was very bare -bones. Breaking story.

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SO we finally get to find out what’s so special about those tax returns.

My bet is that he isn’t that rich.

I also bet that some of his sources of income are pretty iffy.

I bet that he shares things in common with people who are in the Panama Papers.


So Trump didn’t appoint Justices that made their judgements based on their political interests?

Hey 9th…you could learn something today!

Imagine his surprise!

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Going to be alot of buyers remorse on the scotus judges he appointed to protect him…

He will probably tweet that he should be able to fire them…

Oh wait, he was banned from twitter… nevermind…

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I luv ur pink hair. It looks good on u. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Still can’t meme. Tsk, tsk.

Can’t say I care. Except to point out, if there was anything to indicate illegality in them the IRS would have seen it already.

You got him now.

Ahahahahahahaha!.. Back to the Trump taxes. The never ending cycle of fake new outlets, Hilarious…

The sock puppet can’t buy a headline. Ratings hitting the floor. They could get ratings by covering how the election was stolen.

Unless they were using two sets of books.

It won’t be illegal. But I bet it shows conflicts of interest.

the first step towards the the State of NY vs Donald J Trump.

Is the Presidency a program driven by headlines and TV ratings? I know Trump and some of his supporters think that…How’d did that work out?..:grin:

That’s kind of crazy how it was revealed the wealthy elite including the Trumps hide their taxes all over the globe, they all do it, and the only thing that happened was the reporter who revealed it got car bombed.

Trump is still living in their heads.

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