Superheroes—With Pronouns!

Usage of the formerly kids’ cartoon term for such characters as Superman and Wonder Woman has in 2020 become cringe worthy—from signs like “Superhero in Scrubs Lives Here” :nauseated_face: to Non Binary Flash, aka Kid Quick, a fusion of Kid Flash and Jessie Quick:

Not sure if this character actually does anything out of the ordinary, or if inspiring these lines of David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel song

“Got your mother in a whorl

Not sure if you’re a boy or a girl…”

is all it takes to be super heroic. I may buy the first edition just for laughs.

Anyone think this is a step in the right direction for D C Comics? Or will it shoot them in the foot and render this industry obsolete?



Why even have an opinion on this.



Comicsgate is a campaign in opposition to diversity and progressivism in North American superhero comic books – including the creators hired, the characters depicted, and the stories told – which proponents argue has led to a decline in both quality and sales.[1][2][3] The name is derived from Gamergate, a similar movement related to video games.[4][5] Its members present it as a consumer protest, primarily advocating their views on social media; some have produced books intended to reflect the group’s values. It is part of the alt-right movement,[6][7][8][9] and has been described by commentators as a harassment campaign[10][11] which “targets women, people of color, and LGBT folk in the comic book industry”.[12] It has been blamed by critics for the vandalism of one store[3] and threats of violence against others.[13]

Ugh… similarly… Star Trek, Discovery.

I think the main character is absolutely a first class star trek character. She channels the spirit of multiple previous star trek characters that made the show famous.

The direction and production and the story lines… first class… real Star Trek.

Why the hell do they have to add the gay and the gender confused and that ■■■■ …! It’s so in your face.

Last week or so, a good new androgynous character decided that she needed to tell the gay scientist that she doesn’t feel like a “she” and prefers the pronoun “they”. I’ll have to hand it to the commissars there as the character is a human trill with multiple entities comprising her psyche. So they got plausible denial. But the previous great trill characters never had to make a big deal out of it.

I love the episodes but my patience is wearing thin as they try to indoctrinate my fellow fans and me with their nonsense.

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Why do you care? These people exist in real life, so why shouldn’t they exist in fiction?

I do think they played this scene up too much, with the music and everything. It should have just been played straight without the drama. Stamis says “she”. They say “I prefer they pronouns” and Stamis is like, “okay, no problem” and they move on. But that’s Hollywood for ya.

I think you should quit watching if you can’t handle people who are different than you.

What’s the problem with normalizing this? Y’all © are so overly concerned with people not staying within the culturally assigned boxes. Were you upset when TNG came out and they had women in pants?


When I was paying attention to comic news it was back when people were complaining about Jane Foster as Thor, Miles Morales, and Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel. I don’t miss hearing about complaints with every inclusive push.

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Prior to DISCOVERY… were there main characters lip kissing close up? No… not until they introduced gay men. Oh… did you notice? People must have noticed what I did so now there is gratuitous hetero AND gay kissing on Star Trek…all to satisfy some woke commissar that must be on the production staff. Well their choice… get woke, go broke.

Sad to sacrifice the great actors and actresses for that. Sorry Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green, it is more important we show gay men in bed. It’s the future !

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They’ve had plenty of close up kissing in Star Trek prior to Discovery. And the first gay kiss, albeit between women, was on DS9.

Discovery in general portrays emotions differently than other shows… I think there might be at least one person tearing up in each episode… but much like a move from episodic to arch story lines, Discovery is kind of its own thing.

What a strange assumption. Hollywood is pretty liberal, as you all often complain about, so I’m sure they desire to be more inclusive was a shared desired. Kinda silly to think its because of some single producer.

Such a silly meme. Frankly if they go broke its more likely because the show is shown through a CBS All Access, not because some nerds are upset that someone got some gay peanut butter in their hetero chocolate.

Inclusion of different characters is one matter.

Why not? There are all sorts of different types of characters in life.

It was replacing valued characters, even altering the time honored mythology behind some of them, as in the example of making the Norse deity in mythology female, that hasn’t worked so well for Marvel Comics:

No one likes feeling odd or left out. But why penalize time honored characters for being :scream:male and :scream:white?

Inclusion shouldn’t come with penalty or replacement.

And really, what percentage of potential comic book readers consider themselves “gender fluid” or “non-binary”?

Here’s transgender:

Basically D C Comics formulated a character that represents a minority within a minority of the U S population.

Wanna bet they buy the first issue & give up? I’m willing to bet trash collectors will be finding plenty of these editions on pick up day.

They’ll be okay. You shouldn’t feel bad for them, they probably agree with the show writers and disagree with you.

That’ll just make these issues for valuable collector items 50 years from now when no one gives a ■■■■ about someone’s gender.

Don’t care?

Other threads are thataway >>>>>>>>>>.

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Now we need a story line, or public service announcement, of such individuals wearing masks and social distancing.

No more of this going to bed together and kissing! We need more love scenes like that between Leslie Nielsen & Priscilla Presley in the first Naked Gun film!


I think they may try to create images with words and appearances and actions that make libs think of Trump and that character will be a bad man who is roundly defeated.

People who have sex with animals exist in real life as well; I don’t want to see them portrayed as heroes in the media. Until we all have the equal UBI that the left wants, people’s pocketbooks still dictate whether tv shows or movies thrive or fail. The majority of the ones who have the discretionary income to buy the tickets or pay for streaming services happen to be normal, which is why “woke” stuff usually fails. If they want to show this on their niche networks like Logo or whatever, fine.

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Animals can’t consent… therefore sex with animals is rape. I agree, rapists shouldn’t be portrayed as heroes in the media.

There are plenty of people on the left that don’t support UBI or have mixed feelings on it. Broad brushing is bad, m’kay?

Go woke get broke is nonsense. The infamously woke She-ra reboot got a full 5 season run and ended on their own terms.

Glee had lots of GLBTQ stuff in it and it went for 6 seasons.

Don’t give an inch to these people it stated with bathrooms in which I didn’t care, no one did before it became and issue. Now we have kids getting transitioned and women getting beat up in sports by men.

Language is a powerful tool it not the most, it is important it stays with pleas say this to “Say this or you will be fined, lose your job etc”.

I will always be nice to everyone whether they are straight, gay, trans or whatever I will treat them as and equal but I am not going to give hormones to children or call them by some weird name, just as I wouldn’t do with straight friends.

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If your straight friend wanted to go by a different name, you would refuse?