Superbowl Covid

What are the neighbors planning?

I have not been invited to any Super Spreader. So I’ll be drinking like an Irishman while watching the game at home. Then calling out sick on Monday like I’ve done since Super Bowl XXI, a month after entering the workforce.

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Not much interest. Did hear this will be SB number 10 for Tom Brady. That is impressive. Hope he wins.

The “GOAT” will win. I’m not a Tom Brady fan, his record against my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club ia too painful to look at. That said, the wife’s family gathers on Sundays for dinner; not unusual for 20-30 people to be around. Half of the family live on the same block! They are the neighbors!

Not a football or a Tom Brady fan. I have no plans whatsoever to watch the game.

And no Covid concerns with such a large gathering.? Obviously there will br a huge spike nationally in about a week or two

Will probably watch the game at a crowded sports bar as usual.

Would you mind if I asked " In which state?"

In the Heartland, where super bowl champions reside.

Tom Brady Buccaneers will be destroying the Chiefs in record time.

We wear masks indoors and around an 86 y/o matriarch. This family includes law enforcement officers, nurses a JHU researcher a few retirees including myself, lots of great grandchildren. Yes we’re practicing CDC guidelines. Weather permitting we gather mainly outdoors. We laid off for a few weeks in the fall when infections here got high. Common sense anyone?


The Thanksgiving and Christmas “spikes”? Seasonal flu or pneumonia deaths?

I wish! :crazy_face:

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Vape pen in the parking lot, hot wings at the table, good people all around. It’s the way things weren’t meant to be. :wink:

Not to smart during pandemic. Its out there whether you like it or not

It’s somewhere out there, lurking within the shadows, waiting… :rofl:

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Cant even take a year off for the sake of others. Quite selfish really and unamerican. You are better at memes

Not that your opinion about how I conduct my daily life even matters. :wink:

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You are the selfish one IMO.

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Which is irrelevant.