Stupid Things Politicians Say and Do

Many hardcore Dem voters, like Forum libs, love this simplified world that lib elites provide them. One of the eternal truths provided is that racism is exclusively a “white” thing, hence most whites are racists.

Forgot that part in my previous post. The only way to demonstrate that you’re not a racist is to vote Democrat!

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…to vote with the party with the history of racism, the Democratic party.

Fixed it for you.

hence most all whites are racists.

Totally apropos of this thread. “Stupid Things Politicians Say”.

You got triggered by it because truth hurts.

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Of course, they had to swim across the 2-foot-deep Rio Grande, dontchaknow.

He might as well have called them wetbacks.

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Reminds me of a joke from the wat back machine.

Why doesn’t Mexico have an olympic swimming team?

Because all the Mexicans who can swim are in the US.


racist bullhorn

Figured I would get that but for 2 things.

1.) Its a joke so……


And 2. Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a nationality.

3 chicks racist

I suspect Wu was being lighthearted with his response.

Yeah I know he is just joshing.

Put that more to head off the claims of “racism “ that I suspect will or would be coming.

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My mother is Mexican

Lol the fact you used the word “joshing” means your not all bad :grinning:

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Politicians who roll their sleeves up when the cameras are around to show they are ready to work or getting down go business (they also take their ties off).

On the campaign trail where they eat at a breakfast hole in the wall to show they one of the people. Forgetting their luxury motor home or luxury SUVs are parked outside and the hardest thing they have to do is ensure they dont download porn on their government issued tablet.

David Cameron on the campaign trail several years ago tried to prove he was a man of the people by eating a bacon sarnie but ate it with a knife and fork LOL