Stupid Things Politicians Say and Do

Feel free to add your own.

“How do we have a large body of people that are in our city, and country, that are excellent swimmers and, at the same time, we need lifeguards – and the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard,” he said.

What the literal hell? You New Yorkers elected a moron.



Adams may be as retarded as Brandon.

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And clean. And articulate.

At least you don’t need an Indian accent to go into any of their stores.


Remember all that talk about Republicans needing quality candidates? As though any of these lib politicians are honestly anything special!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

and when it isn’t swimming season, they’ll pick crops?


Maher, who said he quickly became a big fan of Adams as he pulled ahead and won the democratic primary, asked Adams if he is able to address more “common sense” issues than his white democratic colleagues, who Maher said “are so afraid of being called insufficiently anti-racist.”

Adams is not afraid. I remember this interview because Adams is supposed to be the common sense liberal politician.

Don’t you people get it that libs are allowed to be racist whenever it suits their goals? Just wait until Uncle Tim gets the nod. :man_shrugging:


I hang out with what libs call rednecks…Hell I even call the driveway redneck lane. See my Avatar. And I hear/read far more racist stuff from libs then any so-called redneck.


Rednecks have far more in common with black people than the average (D)ingbat lib ever will. :rofl:


Adams is black. Black people can’t be racist. Therefore Adams is not racist.


Sowell explains this, I think.


Politicians claiming to be outsiders.


it’s so blatant none of it matters anymore.

the left is a full time middle finger in the face of actual americans and those who take pride in the US

Adams is a cop, and an idiot - but the nonsense you guys come up with in regard to racism is is some of the funniest ■■■■ I’ve ever heard.

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^^^^^^^^ deserves reLIBpeating ^^^^^^^^^^^

Well thats a stupid accusation.

You obviously don’t understand LatinX Hispanicos and the reference.

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Hooray! Another thinly veiled thread in which to bash libz. We were getting dangerously low on those

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And notice, by post number 3, the racist commentary begins to come out. And then there’s the obligatory snide discussion about how racist libs are.

They just can’t help themselves.


Yeah, that must be it.