Stupid Ass Woke Drug Smuggler Begging The Country for a Save

sent a letter to the White House Monday to make sure President Joe Biden and the rest of his administration do not “forget about me and the other American detainees” in Russia.

So this woke crit lesbian doesn’t want the national anthem played at games she is participating in. Goes off to Russia to virtue signal for profit and gets caught with drugs.

And now she wants that same US she despises to bail her out?

Welcome to the adult world, sorry you had to grow up.

Where are Fweedom and Fat Patrisse? Where’s Fat Stacy?


I bet she can spell “oppression” now.

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She despises the US? Your emotions are getting the best of you. Don’t let fox get you outraged for no reason.

This is a silly OP

What does her sexuality have to do with her case? Just seems like another weird opportunity to crusade against lesbians.


Goes to Russia to virtue signal for profit, aka play basketball.


But she is a black, drug using, basketball playing lesbian… She is like the holy grail of culture war targets



“I have strong emotions about this news story I just read/saw/heard about, and I want to share them!”

What are we to discuss? What are you mad about?

Someone you don’t agree with - an American citizen - is imprisoned in another country for a “crime” that wouldn’t be illegal in a lot of states, and a slap on the wrist in most of the others. She’s a celebrity, and is using that to her advantage.


At least she didn’t just make it about herself so give her credit there. I’d like to bring her home but there are others who have been waiting longer like Paul Whelan.

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what does anyone’s sexuality have to do with anything?

yet deviant sexualities get a whole month dedicated to them wow, huh?


Is the fact that she’s gay relevant to this case ?

Keep in mind that this same White House she is appealing to for help recently awarded the America hating soccer player, Megan Rapinoe, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

No doubt Russia will be paid several million of our tax dollars for her return to a hero’s welcome.

i ask the same question. is it relevant to most any aspect of life?

yet, it’s all we hear about

even the current press sec made a big deal that she is gay too.

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if it’s so impt to mention everywhere all the time, then why cant it be mentioned here?


well when she objects to our national anthem so much she refuses to be on the court when it plays, i think that’s pretty safe to assume

Does that somehow take away something from you? What do you lose by pride month existing?


Without forced patriotism… she deserves to be punished?

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wait…so you had to ask why it was mentioned here…but then ask me why i object to having it mentioned (celebrated) all month

just amazing

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why are you asking this?

maybe the proudly gay Rapinoe will start a petition for her release

In her wokeness she: doesn’t want the national anthem played at games she is participating in.

And now she wants that same US she despises to bail her out.

It is this hypocrisy that people are tired of. Let her stay in Russia.


she might find herself in good company among America haters. that’s why these lefty maniacs go there. one of them tried to become president in fact