Strategy - TICTI - Test, Isolate, Contact Trace, Isolate

So what are you going to do with the asymptomatic positives?

You think we have a good handle on that data from influenza?

Ok, so we’re going to keep the lock down going until we test everybody and they all test negative?

Current asymptomatic carriers should have their cases burn out while they’re home for a few weeks during the shutdown. The essential workers they come in contact with should protect themselves with PPE, essential businesses should sanitize everything regularly, and all public spaces should be social distanced.

If most people take those precautions, contact tracing the visibly symptomatic people will be significantly easier, and testing resources can be directed at all the suspected asymptomatic people.

If we stay shut down like this long enough, contact tracing can catch up to the pandemic and we can start preventing new hotpots from emerging.

Getting what?

The lock down continues until everyone tests negative?


Begets begets.

Identifying those that put others at risk and isolating them as soon as possible to limit the spread.

Are you a woman?

Oh look, sidekicks!

All male?

Isolate them.


We do what SK did - anyone is sick, the get tested. If they are positive, they isolate and we Test ALL their contacts. Anyone in that group is positive - symptomatic or not - gets isolated, and so on and so on.

Take everyone you can prove is contagious out of the population ASAP.

Don’t they still have virus even if they’re showing no symptoms?

If they are asymptomatic, what date do you use to terminate the trace?

So all stay locked down until they test negative?


The lock downs last until new cases are zero or approach zero. Then you start the testing and tracing. Then you can keep up with it.

So a snarky remark deserves a sexist comeback.

Got it. Jesus must be proud.

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With testing? Nobody gets out of lock down until they test negative?

Question: Are essential workers dropping like flies?

correct. They isolate until they are negative.

So no unlocking with out a negative test? How long you think that’s going to take?

Aren’t they already isolated?

Correct to your first.

I don’t know the real data to the second. I only know anedotes from my town and NYC reports. It sounds bad. Lots and lots of stories about doctors admitting multiple associates. But I don’t know the real data.

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If anyone is sick, then you test them. Got it.

If they are asymptomatic, how are they sick?