Strategy - TICTI - Test, Isolate, Contact Trace, Isolate

The battle cry for 6 weeks has been TICTI. Test, Isolate, Contact Trace, Isolate

Everybody has been screaming “TEST! TEST! TEST!”

Ok, why. What can Covid be confused for? If a person is symptomatic and it’s not Covid, what are we going to do differently?

The claim has been made, and I agree, that isolation works for mitigating the flu and every other respiratory virus as well.

In other words, the actions to be taken are the same whether it is Covid or not.

How long are we going to take to test the asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic? What are we going to isolate and contact trace them as well?

We have a good idea who is at risk of dying collectively.

Why are we demanding testing as a condition to returning to work?

If you are symptomatic, you isolate. If you are not, you’re not sick.

False. Half of those with covid are asymptomatic. This is why we have experts


There’s this thing called Google that will answer this for you.

Ok, they’re not sick then.

Experts at what? I get they want every data point they can get. Data don’t put bacon on the table.

So you what do you do with the asymptomatic positives?

How are you going to contract trace the asymptomatic? From birth?


You test everyone possible

Ok, why? What do you do with the data? Let’s say we test everyone and have 20 million positives - what do we do?

Even if we only test the symptomatic, what do we do different with that data?

Is that what we do with every other disease? AIDS? Flu? Ebola? TB?

Or do we test them when they are symptomatic using a differential diagnosis?

That’s it?

I think we can all see that the mob is mindlessly chanting the mantra given us by the lab coats through the media.

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As has been mentioned before the important differences between COVID 19 and other transmittable diseases is, the relatively long time between contact and symptoms during which time you can be contagious and the extremely high contagious nature of COVID 19, and the significantly higher mortality rate of the disease (subject to further study…it is safe to say the mortality rate of those who show symptoms is much much higher than the flu.)

These factors require additional steps to make the effect of the disease negligible on the entire population.

and as pointed out, you are passing on the disease before you show symptoms. Sometimes for as much as 2 weeks.

America needs to get it through their individual heads that we’re going to have to meme our way out of this problem. Find a meme, post it. Don’t like it? Find another meme. Meme about bad memes. It’s time for us to come together.

I call it the Search, Post, Search, Post, Like, Post , Post, Post strategy.


They have to be isolated or else they are infecting the population just like the symptomatic positives.

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Right - now you are getting it.

This is gonna be tough stuff and we need a solid plan and real leadership.

Yes, if someone is an asympotatic positive, you treat them exactly the same as a sympoatic positive.

This could be changed if we learn through further research that symptomatic carries are not contagious, or as contagious. But I don’t think we know that right now.

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That’s an insulting and sexist reply to an honored guest.


Good thing we have an expert “memer” in this thread to handle the load.

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Ok, so how does testing address that? I think I already addressed it.