Stone Mountain Militia takeover

Black militia 1,000 strong marches on Stone Mountain in Georgia.

I see pros and cons to this event.

They had escort, remained peaceful and no violence broke out that I’ve heard about. It was well done.

The down side is that it’s an escalation. Eventually a dumb person somewhere will do something and things could go very wrong.

Same thing at the Bundt Ranch episodes, one dumb person could have kicked off something very bad.

Same thing here with one problem: these guys are not setting themselves up in opposition to the govt like the Bundys. These guys are calling out the far right militias. Chances of something going badly go up drastically.

I personally think it’s only a matter of time until someone does something dumb and takes some shots. Doesn’t even matter at this time which side does it.

I’m afraid “some” are pushing for it. Which will only lead to more authoritative goverment.

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If what I believe is true, no one will show up to challenge them? IMO these cries of racism are false and only mask the real problem of violence, that’s an internal one with in the culture.

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Law abiding citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights is what heroes do! The reason doesn’t matter, right or wrong.


I appreciate the honesty. No need to beat around the bush.



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Well, I was being facetious, but, ok…

I’m not, I freakin’ love this! I’ve said numerous times how much it warms my heart.

Now what I really with is they could both agree on a reason to protest and do it together. Maybe police brutality. Or the Diminished Right.

Baby steps.

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Good for them. It’s their right. An armed society is a polite society… eventually. :wink:


Is Eagleman pleased?

Eagleman Murica 2


This is the kind of thing that makes state government suddenly pro gun control.


What culture?

The culture of a non-two parent family, too often with out a male role model present, to teach children the life’s lessons they’ll need when entering adulthood. This culture is not exclusive to minorities but is more prevalent with in the minority community.

And does this culture exist within the militias as well? Does it partly account for when their actions promote or actually involve violence, too?

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“Not ■■■■■■■ Around Coalition” (NFAC)

Well, that’s pretty catchy. I kind of like it.

Hey, as long as they are peaceful and not out to destroy anything I’m interested in what they have to say.

So far I have gleaned from the article it is whataboutism.


Americans exercising their 1st & 2nd amendment rights without violence. They have my full support.

As referenced by the article cited in the OP, as well as the thread title.

Again - while you do state that this culture is not exclusive to minorities (I am assuming you mean “non-white”) you do say it’s more prevalent within their communities. Does this culture account for the violent tendencies we see within white communities, or is something else at play there?


Or bomb a city block…