Stone Mountain Militia takeover

Remember when a few black folk showed up at the 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond earlier this year, and the left just hated them??

Maybe people should stop projecting.


I wouldn’t call it peaceful when you are straight up challenging other groups to come out and fight. Sounds a lot more like provoking violence to me.

See the mulford act (California) as a prime example.



I do know that through American history nothing changes gun laws quicker than armed black militias marching.


Although I do not have any data, it’s the basic family formula that applies to all races equally.

Why do you need to assume?

Glad to see you realize gun control is racist.


I’ll take that as a literal, rhetorical question? :sunglasses:

Like it did in Albuquerque? BLMs started attacking the armed citizen defenders of a monument, and one of the BLMers got shot.

Blood is going to flow before the summer is over.

Their actions and methods I’m fine with. It was a planned march, they had an escort, and didn’t cause any damage that I’ve heard of yet.

Totally fine with all that.

The only place my support diverts is their statement calling out the other militias to either fight or join them.

Ooooh, scary black men with guns!! Must be some big city libs around.

Over and over this was reported as a white nationalist rally and this guy kept getting asked about his presence at the “white nationalist rally”.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, if more people were legally armed and exercising their rights in Minnesota, the rioting would have never started, much less spread around the country.

You people are too predictable.


No I dont. Could you post a link of the left hating them?

I need to start me a “Matter Group”.

I like that guy.


Love the name!

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I don’t care for the “C”.

Coalition? Seems okay to me. What would you change it to?

Or just get rid of it altogether? That I like.

As I said, as long as they are peaceful… :wink:

I don’t see it.

One good show of fight and the agitators will be done.

They are being encouraged to carry on without opposition…Almost like they are being used to spread the virus.

Do you have any evidence to support this idea?

We have over 2k+ years of decent history.