Stephen Moore: Legal file on Trump Fed pick sealed after contempt revelations

His ex-wife requested that the file be sealed. The Guardian had reported that the complaint said…

“The Guardian disclosed on Saturday that Moore was found in contempt of court in November 2012 for failing to pay his ex-wife more than $300,000 in alimony, child support and debts from their 2011 divorce settlement.”


"Moore, now 59, was also accused in the divorce complaint of inflicting “emotional and psychological abuse” on his ex-wife during their 20-year marriage and having affairs. The couple have three children together. Moore has since remarried.

In a signed response from April 2011, Moore said that he “admits all allegations” in his ex-wife’s divorce complaint. Moore declined to comment last week when asked about the allegations."

So, Trump’s pick admitted to “emotional and psychological abuse” and “having affairs”.

That last word end with a “S”.

I don’t blame the wife for sealing this stuff. Who would want to re-live that nightmare.

No russian collusion?

You guys are slacking!

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He only hires the best people.

I don’t like these threads.

I don’t want Moore on the Federal Reserve Board. But its not because of his divorce - its because I don’t think he has the knowledge or understanding to do the job.


And yet, now you’re actively spreading the news.

I don’t think this is what the ex-wife wanted to happen.

i don’t think Trump’s wife wanted the Stormy affair to be public knowledge either. but here we are.

btw, what’s your thoughts on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

What are my thoughts on the Clintons? I’m not sure I understand the question.

The person I feel for the most is Lewinsky.

Im sure you’d be supporting him regardless of what Mueller found.

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Must have been a very very messy divorce if the wife want the record sealed.

I tend to subscribe to this general position as well.

if you feel bad for Moore’s wife why don’t you feel bad for Bill’s wife?

I don’t feel as bad for Hillary because she bought the ticket.

Moore’s ex-wife, not so much. Same with Lewinsky.

I disagree. What she had sealed is what she had sealed. Anything before that is fair game

I don’t like hurting civilians for political gain.


She bought the ticket, so she takes the ride.

Hillary signed on. She stood by her man - used him for her own political benefit - knowing the whole time that any dirt would end up getting out.

Moore’s ex-wife did not sign on to having her dirty laundry aired to the entire country.

I dont see her being hurt…he is an ■■■■■■■

Another day, another ■■■■ bag associated with Trump.

Isn’t it weird that the individual who made the original claim of abuse is the one who wants this file sealed and libs continue to abuse her even more by piling on her alleged abusing husband in their fake righteous way?

Hang on. So you know all the details surrounding Moore and his wife and what happened when they were dating and all that stuff, correct? For all we know he was cheating on her when they were dating.

Man, it’s really easy for political partisans to convict one woman and defend another when their husband cheats on them.