Stephen Moore: Legal file on Trump Fed pick sealed after contempt revelations

Alleged? Are you defending this dude? He admitted everything.

…and your fake righteousness is blinding your from the pain you’re inflicting on the person you claim you’re defending.

Are you speaking of the pain that was inflicted on Hillary when every Republican media outlet spoke about it for 30 years?

Now considering the two ladies you and I are speaking of, which one purposefully placed themselves in the public spotlight and which one is attempting NOT to be? You are putting the spotlight on someone who chooses not to be, while the other you refer to…placed herself there on her own free will. Do you really not understand the difference?

Sometimes I feel sorry for Melania. But she “bought a ticket” too.

She was a new “other woman” when DJT was married to a previous Mrs. Trump.


Whoa Gomer.

Hillary was only First Lady when all that started and was reported on. So what’s the next excuse?