STD’s Are on Increase

Another article noted STD’s are on the rise mostly among teens and adults in the 25-29 year old age group.

Consequences are most disastrous for infants who are born to infected mothers, as noted. Why are pregnant women not screened for syphilis?

Public health clinics accept patients private, entitlement or no insurance and RPR (Syphillis screening as rapid plasma reagin is a protein present in syphilitic individuals) is included in prenatal bloodwork.

In the teens to late 20s is old enough to have heard the “c word”, aka rubbers. Why are more straight and gay young people forgoing that c word?


From the link:

" * Cuts to STD programs at the state and local level – in recent years, more than half of local programs have experienced budget cuts, resulting in clinic closures, reduced screening, staff loss, and reduced patient follow-up and linkage to care services."

Access access access.


Republicans are in control. They hate sex ed and subsidizing safe sex programs. This is what you get when you tell everyone to put an aspirin between their knees and pull up the bootstraps.

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Everyone is following our leader and ending up in a clinic because it burns…

I dont think tinder helps.

My entire generation, and the one right behind us, grew up in the aftermath of the HIV panic.

They don’t take STDs as seriously as their parents did.

Which is stupid and insane. I would think the new antibiotic resistant bacterial STD strains would be terrifying the entire generation just like HIV terrified our parents.

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All states have various sex ed programs in place, plus must offer parents/guardians to opt out for religious/other reasons.

What percentage of parents opt out?

Why are students not learning & both straight & gay opting out of condoms? Who hasn’t heard such acronyms as STD? HPV? HIV? The clapp?

Some of us got this info as part of human anatomy & physiology section of general bio. Seems there are more ways to get information than there were in, say, the ‘80’s—not to mention parents teaching their sexual values.

Why are so many dependent on programs that were slashed when schools must include it in their curriculum & Planned Parenthood still exists as an organization?

Because they’re stupid. Girls want to get pregnant because now it’s a status symbol - “Look, I’m attractive enough for a boy to want to have sex with me!”

Not enough to marry her, of course.

So they get pregnant and the STDs are just a by-product they don’t care about.

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Sad thing is the infants pay the ultimate price when mom doesn’t get checked or treated for syphilis.

The spread of STDs is tied to the spread of liberalism. Liberalism is essentially syphilis of the brain.

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I dunno if I’d go that far.

Most red states have appallingly bad STD rates. My home state is one of the worst in the nation.

Conservatism 2019! The buck stops with Demented Donny . He is showing our young men to grab ■■■■■ and the young women to shut up and take it.

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The spread of STDs is tied to the rise of Fox News and RW YouTube channels and all those poor people in red States going at it rawdogging like Their Favorite President. Rotted brains.


The trajectory for this condition is not new, but TDS dictates that it must be laid at Trump’s feet.

It’s all great to joke about it on a message board, but it’s our younger generation (and quite troubling, the babies born to them) who are reaping our culture’s cavalier attitudes.

Other than babies contracting it from their mothers, every case of STD (and HIV) is a result of behavior that used to be considered immoral. (And even indirectly, the parents’ immoral behavior led to the baby contracting it.)

(Beware your response to that charge. It always generates counter-arguments that turn out to be incorrect.)

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Nice virtue signaling, lib.

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Interesting thing is sexual activity has actually decreased and and is at its lowest rate in decades.

So we aren’t having sex, but when we are we are apparently catching the clap.

This part is pretty crazy:

Often-cited data from the biennial General Social Survey, for example, indicate that the number of Americans who haven’t had sex at all in the past year has risen from 18 percent to 22 percent over the past two decades

So basically almost 1/4 of Americans didn’t get laid even once last year which seems absurd unless they’re really really young or really really old. :man_shrugging:

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Do a lot of bisexual or gay men live in conservative states? Much of the increase in positive STD screenings has been among bi and gay men:

So the question remains, in a blue, red or purple state why, since it’s been pointed out that Americans participating in surveys reported less sex, many are getting so wreckless & skipping that condom.

“…which seems absurd unless they’re really young or really old.”

How about increasingly overweight? Most rational human beings won’t cry about a partner’s being slightly overweight.

But problems like diabetes can affect the sexual relationship

A book written by Dr. Barbara deAngelis in the ‘90’s IIRC “Are You the One for Me?” links poor circulation & high fat diets to problems in the sexual relation and encourages getting up and moving—even if it’s staying in the house & dancing to your favorite music.

So the question remains why those physically fit, straight, bi, or gay, have become so wreck less & don’t even think about the possibility of serious STD’s. I would recommend the film “Miss Evers’ Boys”, about the Tuskegee Syphilis Project, to view syphilis in its ultimate form—tertiary, spread to the central nervous system—to learn the price of that disease. It’s scary stuff.

Eh, slap some penicillin on it, it’ll be fine.

Btw, just a sidenote but along with the spread of STDs, can we stop the awful spread of the misuse of apostrophe ?

Apostrophe indicates possessive, not plural and for some reason everyone wants to slap one into every single word that ends with an “S” :confused:

But if the last name is “Evers”, isn’t it correct that Evers’ is the plural?