STD’s Are on Increase

Yes, that part is correct.

I was mainly talking about “STD’s” but then everyone is constantly doing it. A while ago I had a coworker who would write emails with “customer’s”

Gotcha. Missed that.

It isn’t plural.

The “boys” in the nurse’s care were actually men not being treated for syphilis with penicillin.

The apostrophe is possessive in that case.

Can’t vouch for anyone else, but I only use ‘ to indicate possession, as in Charlie Brown’s dog. Never heard of it for plural.

People today are much more lenient and open about their sex lives, driven by sexualizaton in the media. Therefore, the more sex/sexual partners you have, the more likely you contract a STD.

People need to be more conservative about the people they have sex with, for the sake of thsir reproductive health.

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