States Trump Off/On the Ballot

rot in hell. that seems like a intimidation thing to me.


She chose not to follow the other 2 stupid women.
I am almost ready to like women confined to the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. [Just take away all the rolling pins… :sweat_smile:].

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Come to think about all that’s going on now that turns your stomach…
It’s mainly women making these of-the-wall stupid decisions.
Guess it all started with ‘Vagina Hats’ parade.
:thinking: :astonished:

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Let’s have a rally battle.

Biggest attendance wins.

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It doesn’t matter anyway Trump ain’t winning California…


trump back in the white house is absolutely not an option you’re seeing this play out before your eyes.

if this doesnt work just wait to see what they do next.


I suspect the lengths the liberal democrat party is going to show they are willing to put the country thru just so they, the liberal democrat party can stay in power will be mind blowing….

Makes you wonder what lengths they’ve already put the country thru doesn’t it?


The comment was directed at perennial loser Jack Smith not the Judge.
This Judge is seeing the credibility of her court turning into ■■■■■ Granted the grandiose outspoken Trump is obviously fanning the flames but his 1st Amendment rights give him license to do so in my opinion.
Smith chose this hill to die on and this DC Judge agreed to have her court accommodate him.
At this point both know should Trump be re-elected POTUS? Their professional lives won’t be worth a pound of owl ■■■■■

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How’d that work out in 2020?




Of course not. All of the Republican voters have either left or are planning to do so.:crazy_face:

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Sounds like a yes to me.

Also why the lawfare and insurrection rhetoric is a loser hand.

We had a term for each. Let’s vote.

Well…I tried to hide… :melting_face:

I thought the Colorado and Maine malarkey was pertinent to the primaries.

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they will stop at nothing and they wont care how obvious it is, just like it is now. they will justify everything they do in plain sight because he’s such an “adulterer” or “fraudster”, etc. you can see them creating the narrative

“Lengths” like voting?

Crooked Donald isn’t fighting tooth and nail to get back in power?

Wondering what kind of “lengths” the GOP is doing to get back in power?

Well, thanks anyway for fighting tooth and nail and going to extreme lengths and putting the country through this just to end up with the single greatest gotv piece of trash on the ballot :ballot_box: :muscle::joy: :+1:

Yes, I’m watching maga and Crooked stopping at nothing without caring how obvious it is, justifying all the nastiness and ignoring the plain sight of Crooked’s fraud and thuggery and emptiness, and again, thank you for rallying behind the single greatest gotv piece of trash Democrats could ever hope for.

it’s impt that everyone realize that this post is the kind of mentality we are dealing with on these courts, sec of states, prosecutors, etc.

you can see it’s “anything goes” to keep people from voting for him cause he just might win - again.

what a world


Not really…Trump has no chance of winning California. Besides Newsome doesn’t want that hanging over his head when he runs after Biden drops out.


Everything goes, including storming the capitol, beating police, breaking down doors and windows, all in the hood that Mike Pence will participate in the fraud and thuggery to steal a list election.

Anything goes. All for the desperate attempt to keep power, and now regain power.

What a world.