States Trump Off/On the Ballot

We have Colorado-off

Now Wisconsin-on

Wisconsin officials shut down effort to kick Trump off ballot


SCOTUS be like


DC kangaroo court judge open to jailing Trump.

Hoo boy. As Trump’s popularity grows the stakes get higher.



Kinda Ridiculous isn’t it?

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Reminds me of the final scene of Kingsman where all the heads exploded.

Cons calm down, your lad Trump will be on the ballot.

Is this an admission that all of this nonsense is nothing but political theater?

Because sure sounded that way to me.


Thanks for making this thread, as I was losing track.


That’s surprising.

Not really.

Newsome is gearing up for 2028

Newsom I’m sure would have preferred to take out the front runner of the opposing party.

In a way it is. I thought it was stupid from day one and we all know that ultimately Trump will be on the ballots.

I have no issue with Trump being on the ballots. The electorate will decide who they want for President. No matter who ultimately wins in 2024 the bitching and crying from either side will keep this place hopping for another 4 years.


Actually he lead the charge against removing Trump from the CA ballot.

My guess is that he knows, as they all do, that these various state efforts are bogus and won’t stand in the SC so doesn’t want to be stuck on the wrong side come campaign 2028.

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Your honesty is appreciated and somewhat refreshing around here.


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Cheers mate. I always try to be this way. I dont play word games and not a fan of trying to land a gotcha. But I am only human and sometimes get dragged into the fray.

Not actually a thing.

The left is doing their damndest to make Trump look like Nelson Mandela.


Actually it is considering he’s beating Biden like a yard dog in almost every poll right now.

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That doesn’t mean he’s popular.

All that matters is being more popular than the other guy.