State Dept. blows up G-7 statement

No they didn’t. Why are you continuing to repeat falsehoods?

Are you denying that China state run media applied that they could shut off medical supplies…yes or no?

move them goalposts

Trump is worse than the virus, we must keep the focus there.

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China is terrible.

So we should be terrible too?

So we should prevent a joint statement because of this?

What a stupid argument.

Calling the virus by it’s correct name does not mean acceptance of China’s significant shortcomings.


Who’s siding with China? The virus already has an internationally accepted name. Our own government uses that name.




Shoot, even Trump’s own proclamation limiting travel used the official name.

That does not exist.

So ■■■■■■■ what…

Trying to name it something else for no other reason than to escalate global tensions is moronic

Why is the G7 being so petty and stupid.


How is not wanting to elevate global tensions petty and stupid? Please be specific


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Heavens forbid if we remind the world how China mislead and lied to the world.

You do understand there are reports that this virus started back in Oct. And when American reporters were checking that story out…what did China do? That’s right…basically thrown them out of the country.

Go ahead…love that China government some more.

My only guess would be that the Trump administration cares so little what the international community thinks, that they are willing to go against generally accepted norms and standards. I don’t really understand it but that would be my guess. It’s petty and childish regardless. I guess by default they don’t care if anyone takes them seriously, which more and more people don’t every day.

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Nobody needs to be reminded. The world knows they blew it

So…remind em again. Or is that problem?

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Such a weird arguement devoid of logic. Nobody is doing that

Expected response. The international community, our own government and Trump himself have used the standard name. Now Trump expects the international community to agree to change the name in order for him to make a political point.

It’s funny to watch Trump and his supporters throw a tantrum because they don’t get to rename a virus to fit their motives. You can stand and salute Trump whenever he calls it “China flu.” The rest of us will laugh, including the G-7 it seems.

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Two schools of thought building here.

One school of thought understands that although we have enemies (maybe “rivals” is a better word for it), there is still a need for international cooperation and agreement that aligns with our national interests. And that it is unhelpful to our own national interests to adopt belligerency when it is not necessary, and that diplomacy can still work even in those cases where a rival nation must be called to account for behaviors

The other school of thought adopts a “trust no one” approach and calls for further isolation, adopts an approach of transactional (win/lose) foreign relations, all to achieve some illusory and unachieveable goal of being complete indepdendent from other nations of the world. Where, as I have said many times “America First” continues to evolve towards “America Alone”.

I give it a 50/50 chance at best which way it breaks towards when this pandemic is over.

Too many people think punitive is the order of the day for absolutely everything.

And of course will translate this post as me thinking that China should get off the hook for its culpability in this.


Wait…I thought that was the format of the forum.