State Dept. blows up G-7 statement

What the actual ■■■■■

This is so petty and stupid - why would we do this?

China has a disinformation campaign going on that alters the truth of this pandemic. They were not up front and open about the tenacity of this virus…as this article suggests. Labeling it the Wuhan virus cuts through the PC BS and nails it specifically and exactly…where this virus originated.


Because the Trump administration is petty and stupid


Right because no one knows this.

This is what happens when you let the kids run the show…sigh…

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This thread gonna be like:

A: “You’re bad.”
B: “No, you’re bad.”
A: “What you say is petty and stupid.”
B: “No, what you say is petty and stupid.”

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. For hundreds of posts.

I just saved whomever is reading this post a whole lot of time if they just ignore the rest of this thread.


The WHO set guidelines in 2005 for virus naming which have been adopted by the scientific community. I don’t know why the State Department feels it’s going to be OK to blatantly go against best practices which have been in place for 15 years. Besides, the virus already has an accepted name.

Here’s a snippet of the WHO document.

The best practices state that a disease name should consist of generic descriptive terms, based on the symptoms that the disease causes (e.g. respiratory disease, neurologic syndrome, watery diarrhoea) and more specific descriptive terms when robust information is available on how the disease manifests, who it affects, its severity or seasonality (e.g. progressive, juvenile, severe, winter). If the pathogen that causes the disease is known, it should be part of the disease name (e.g. coronavirus, influenza virus, salmonella).

Terms that should be avoided in disease names include geographic locations (e.g. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Spanish Flu, Rift Valley fever), people’s names (e.g. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Chagas disease), species of animal or food (e.g. swine flu, bird flu, monkey pox), cultural, population, industry or occupational references (e.g. legionnaires), and terms that incite undue fear (e.g. unknown, fatal, epidemic).


CNN is the problem!

It is the Chinese virus. Attempts to classify it as anything but are absolutely foolish feel good virtue signaling. It originated in China, they tried to cover it up, blame it on America, and then have the audacity to threaten America with the withholding of pharmaceuticals. Calling it the Chinese virus serves as a reminder to not trust China, because guess what? 6 months, a year from now…we’ll be back in the same boat, getting cheap Chinese labor to make all our stuff we’ve become accustomed to. Then in 5 or 10 years, another pandemic with possibly harsher consequences. We need to decouple, and we need to remember why we did. Chinese virus.

Wuhan Virus works as well.


Does the truth hurts?

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Big question is why libs insisting on defending China…that’s what I want to know.


Italy had hug a Chinese day…not sure what this is, but how’d that work out for Italy?


The virus has an official name.


coronavirus disease



severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Neither Trump nor the United States should expect to give it their own name and have that accepted by the international community. Especially, as I said earlier, when that name blatantly disregards naming conventions which have been in place for 15 years. People can call it whatever they want in informal settings. The G-7 is not an informal setting.


5 years. They changed it in 2015 to capitulate to China, iirc.

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Tolerance is everything. :wink:

You are correct. 2015. I thought it was 2005. Doesn’t change the situation however.

So did a union between a man and woman…if I recall it was marriage.

This is by far the most horrible, outrageous thing I’ve heard of…it ranks right up there with a pandemic that kills thousands.

Again…I want to know why libs are siding with China? China lied, Chine attempted to blame US…and China has threaten to cut off medication we need.

But libs will defend China at any cost…I want to know why. Be honest for change. Just once in your lives be honest.

Just admit it…it’s your hatred towards Trump…we all know it.

Man when the CEC wants stuff to be spouted, it is spouted almost as if on command.

China did not, in fact, threaten to cut off pharmaceutical supplies to the US.

The supposed article (which took a little bit of searching to find, since all the stories about this so-called threat were on CEC media sites did what they always do, and cross-cited each other’s stories) was an editorial. A hit piece on the US to be sure, but even translated from Chinese the rhetorical device of “We could cut you off like you cut us off, but we’re nice guys” was apparent.

Trump should be proud of such rhetoric.

No it is not, not even Trump is saying that anymore. I realize it might be a hard concept to comprehend but there is a actual method for naming viruses that’s been around for 15 years