Starbucks strikes

I lean mostly to the right. But I can’t help myself when it comes to unions. I feel like a dirty lib. I will always take the side of the employee within reason. Not no matter what, but within reason. I’m not someone that thinks because you work 40 hours you should be paid a living wage. But I am pro union and hope for the best for these employees. They have to stay strong and unified, or all is lost.

When they wake up at home in the morning, I wonder what brand of coffee they drink while getting ready to go protest? :thinking:


Small d democracy in the workplace is a good thing.
There would be no need for a min wage if there were more union labor.

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Let them do what they want, I drink my Starbucks at home, made by a Nespresso machine.

I don’t need $25/hr labor to enjoy better coffee than is made at the Starbucks coffee shop.


neolib broken record

Their morning blend, called Blonde, is very good. When I worked road maintenance I used to get one every morning. Until I transferred back to tolls because the job is 99% easier with close to the same pay. I’m at retirement age.

But when I was there back in 2019 they were starting at around 12 bucks an hour.

Coffee is splashed with more pesticides than most crops, so I always try to go for the organic stuff.

Walmart has a terrible selection, so there’s always Amazon. Peet’s is a really good brand, with all the right notes for a perfect vanilla buttercream mocha every time.

I want a better value though, so I’m going with this intenso-looking brand. Will try it when my current bag is gone. Hoping it’s at least as good as Peet’s, because they also have a 5lb option with even more value for my dollar.

I’m not anti-Union. I am anti forced union, and union shops.

If folks want to unionize, and the business decides not to vacate those positions, by all means people on both sides should do as they like.

I also think in general unions are now un-needed. Most of what they fought for is codified into law. All they have left is wages.


of course the best Starbuck strikes bring terror to the Cylons…

Why is this a Second Amendment issue? Starbucks coffee isn’t that lethal.


Easy solution IMO. If you don’t want a union job, don’t apply for one. You can’t jump into a pool and complain you got wet.

There are more advantages to a union than just wages. Wages would be the least. I wouldn’t switch over to a non union job paying me 10 more bucks an hour. Take Amazon for example. The entire workplace environment would be overhauled if it was unionized.

That coffee is very good. Peet’s that is.


I wrote Starbucks off several years ago when the CEO told Trump he was going to hire 10,000 refugees from the countries placed on the entry ban list. Screw Starbucks and I’m glad to see others are catching on for different reasons.

That’s what I drink now too.

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Just to be contrarian:

It’s not a union job except in the rare case the union is the employer. The problem is the union thinking the “pool” is theirs.

I’ll just give one example. A facebook group was critical of the school’s policy in regard to Covid back in 2020. Someone from the school contacted the woman’s job, and got her fired. She ended up winning an undisclosed large settlement from the taxpayer. But that’s not the point. Had her job been union, zero chance she gets fired in the first place. It just can’t happen.

That’s pretty much the case today. They are largely obsolete. The problem with jobs like the ones at Starbucks is that most of the workers are not looking at the job as something they want to make a career out of to do for the rest of their working life.


Wasn’t there some controversy with Black Rifle coffee? I forget what it was. But I know it got a lot of those that lean right very angry.

I don’t know anything about that. But I could see libs being totally upset with the scary image on the package.

And I felt obliged to post it here. After all, this thread is running in the 2nd Amendment/gun forum. :wink: