Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib today


You have no idea who my sources are.


Horse ■■■■


I don’t put a lot of trust in Russian state news, and some youtube videos.


not BS compete fact, though I’m sure you would only support a panel headed by Russia.


Neither do you. If you had sources with proofs, elucidate. All you do is repeat talking points to be taken, without proof.


Whether you want to accept it, the UN, the EU elite are deeply globalist. Listening to speeches from then calling for each country to be overrun and trashed with “refugees.” Are sickening. Example: Merkel says Germany is not for Germans. Etc.

Then they rush off to satanic rituals and “art” showings of demonism.

These are blood drinkers. Those defending them are like Dracula’s lackey, imagining his Master will throw him a bone.


You could have just said “You win”


Anyone pretending to know is full of it.

If you can’t prove anything either way you just become True Believers of talking points

For me I need actual proof, not biased BS

Here is Syrian Girl if you disagree with her, prove why she is wrong.


I have no idea who did this attack, neither does anyone else because there hasn’t been a investigation.


U.S. forces are in Syria illegally, providing training, arms, and support to extremist groups waging war against the Syrian government. The Syrians and any allied nations they have invited to assist have every right to target the rebels and any elements supporting them.


No…you’re deep in delusion.

You wouldn’t accept it no matter what I told you.

You believenin Pizzagate and Alex Jones.

That makes you worthy of ridicule, not serious debate.

And no one talks like that. Your ridiculous hyperbole only makes you sound silly, not deep and intellectual.


And here’s another one.

The Syrian/Russian Idlib operation is going to be bloody indeed…the propo machine is being cranked up big time.


Of course it will. We’ve spent seven years and billions of dollars trying to overthrow Assad. I don’t think we’ll give up the effort easily.


Vapid, repeat of BS.

Your tactic is like a phone soliciter trying to sell something. When they hear an objection to their script, they just start over without any answering the criticism.

They are trained that way.


wow, this thread looks like an actual coordinated plan to spread Russian propaganda.


Is that you Renfield?


She somehow deflects to people drinking human blood faster than cratic can say trump is cool.

Then demands hard proof while believing in Pizzagate because they had a mural with antlers on it in their rec room.

We are a cast o’ characters here for sure.


Very typical. Ridicule and nothing but talking points. No further discussion. Like Comrade Stalin, orders it so.

Russia returned to being a highly Christian country.

Deep state/globalists are essentially athiest. They see themselves as smarter than God/Buddha. This is a manifestation of karma created over a long period.


That is being out of the gourd.

Is questioning or not believing your Masters, taboo?


Phone solicitor? Where is your dialect from?