St. Louis Couples Who defended their Private Property From Rioters with Guns, Got search warrant and Weapons seized

American couple that expressed their constitutional rights to defend their home from rioters who stormed into their property had their guns sized by city officials. America is losing its constitutional rights.

If You vote for Biden This will just keep on happening across the country.


that St. Louis Police executed a search warrant tonight at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Sources say they seized the rifle he held during a confrontation with protesters in June at their Central West End home.

Meanwhile rioters who entered their home and area got no search warrants nor arrests.


Lol sure.
Fake News.

So far, not clear link that this ever happened.
Film at eleven.

Didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see this coming.

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And the beat goes on.

It happened MSM like CNN has no interests they are to busy talking about Russia Russia or wikileaks again.

Mmmmm hmmmm.


Yep, but, under whose presidency did it happen? The annoying orange has been no friend to 2A freedoms.

That said, this was a local action and, if it actually happened, no potus past present or future have any input.


Doesn’t D Trump currently occupy the position of president of the USA?

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Unlawful use of a weapon.

Missouri will let them go.

If that happen in jersey however.

They would be sitting in jail awaiting trial.

That’s why I live in jersey.

Peaceful protesters should not be threatened with weapons by private citizens.



Yeah, they peacefully destroyed the gate that protected private property.

Keep swigging the Kool-Aid dude.


I hate to tell you this but it’s 2020, not the days of the wild west.

If I am understanding this correctly, that is the front entrance to their gated community? Threatening the use of lethal force over a damaged gate is hard to justify in todays world. If it was a damaged front door to their house, I understand. Protesters bait people into overreacting… and these two morons took the bait.

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Looks like fake news to me.


They destroyed the gate to gain entrance to private property and were trespassing which is a criminal offense.

What would make any sane person believe given their actions they would not be a threat to the home or the persons defending the home?

The police were of no assistance, so the only thing standing between a potentially volatile situation was the ability of the homeowners to defend themselves with firearms.

They are both attorney’s so they know exactly what the law is regarding situations like this.

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Ignoring their competence handling their weapons, private property is private property and castle laws make it so they don’t have to retreat into their house.

Okay, I don’t care who you are that is hilarious :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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So why is it that they have no guns now?

Destroying property is being peaceful, don’t you know that?

Well the only source that was named, Joel Schwartz, confirmed the search warrant was issued, but would not confirm what was taken.

Only unnamed sources mentioned the rifle, and we are not supposed to trust unnamed sources…amirite?