Speaking of Tone Deaf

AOC applauds the loss of American jobs to push her “green” agenda.

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Hurray for losing jobs! Even better we can go all green at ridiculously expensive prices!


Anyone here work in the oil industry and loving this?

It is a dilemma. Low oil prices certainly help the rest of the economy as transportation and energy prices fall.

But the O&G sector is dependent on much higher prices to break even. Jobs will be lost. Lots of jobs.

That’s celebratory news, right? Let’s have a drink to losing those jobs… I know I love to see it!



She does realize that low oil prices will increase demand for oil, right? Yeah, probably not.

Not if people aren’t driving or flying. But eventually sure. Assuming they don’t keep over producing oil.

She seems to be applauding the drop in oil prices. I didn’t see anything about her response to potential jobs lost. Did she cheer job loss too?

Not only that, but guess what gets less competitive with oil when oil is cheap?

Wind and solar.

They weren’t even competitive quite yet at normal prices. IF (it’s not) this was more than just a temporary price fall, this would be the death of alternative energy that she just cheered.

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I know lots of people that are all smiles about low gas prices.

Sure. AOC celebrating is a bit time deaf. But plenty of people outside the industry feel similarly.

Former, until about year and a half ago, for reasons like this. I got crushed pretty hard in the ‘16 downturn, eventually went back to subsea in 2017 but took some classes and acquired some training, basically make my skills more current and got back into manufacturing a year and a half ago with a tech company.

It never really came back after the Saudi production war starting in 2016 and there was supply glut going back well into last year, all of the majors have quietly been laying off since at least October.

AOC’s comments wouldn’t play well here of course, but will in her district. There’s no oil and gas and people don’t drive much if at all. And cheering it on or not the domestic oil and gas industry went from limping along to being mugged and put into a coma in like 3 months. There is a point to be made in there about being dependent on fossil fuels we don’t set the price on but that’s not the time to make it or be celebrating a cheap tank of gas.

I’m not sure what you want. You want higher prices?

One begets the other. She has a degree in economics from Boston College. Cum laude.

Yes. Absolutely.

How high? You understand that most Americans likely disagree with you? (Not me btw)

It’s a trade off.

Pluses and minuses.

If you want green energy like AOC, you want high oil…which is why she’s a moron.

Low prices make green energy less viable, and costs oil sector jobs. On the plus side it makes a lot of other things cheaper as well as fuel prices drop.

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I know there’s a popular vein within the lib left that AOC is some kind of bright shining star of the future.

I think she’s a fricking moron.


This why when I’m Supreme Benevolent Dictator I would impose price controls. $65-70/bbl, subject to change based on my feelings. There’s room in there for oil and gas to make solid money and that’s low enough energy and transportation costs stay affordable.

This boom and bust of oil and gas is just not productive or in any anybody’s interests.


$2.50 gas sounds about right. I’ll gladly pay it to keep my brothers working. Or $3