South Carolina GOP primary thread

Seriously, it tells me Nikki should have dropped out when she placed 3rd in NH.

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Somebody has to keep the clown honest.

Nikki was a good governor for sc. Like i said before i liked her but i think many have felt her becoming a part of nato and the most obvious blunder her idea of rasing the retirement age was big marks against her. Trump has weilded these controversies to his advantage. The democrats fail to understand they habe as big a part in trumps rise as the maga crew, myself included. Its all about appearances and trump knows this.

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Her becoming part of NATO?

Trump is not pulling out of NATO.

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Precisely…he’s going to force those elitist spoiled rotten snobs across the pond to pony up.

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They may temporarily pay more, they won’t meet the mark.


I know. These numbers are terrible for Trump in the general.

How so?

Probably right…they will fall back on any promises.


It is nice to see em squirm thou.


Sorry not nato united nations. For whatever reason i keep getting those 2 entities mixed up.

Yeah trump will never have the power to withdraw from nato but maybe he can make them pay? I dont know


You are criticizing Hailey for being Trump’s ambassador to the UN?

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Somebody had to do it.

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Did they? Seems odd.

My criticism of Hailey is limited to her wanting to fund Ukraine and Israel. Hopefully she would be about as effective as Brandon.

Congress needs to continue to do their job and refuse.

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Trump divides the gop. Let’s say Haley pulls 40%. If just 5% of Haley’s vote total are never Trumpers he will lose. Heck, they don’t even have to vote for Biden. They may just choose to stay home.

Could be, but I doubt it. Don’t underestimate the hatred.

Yes i am. I understand that is a corner i painted myself into. But i felt, as most south carolinians did, at the time nikki was trying to place herself to become president. But i also think her accepting that role makes her look as another run of the mill politician trying to run on conservative values. Thats just me.

She should have refused to serve Trump?

Yes. I do. Again i know i am going against the grain of being a maga supprter, but nikki had pretty good publicity from being governor. She could have been more picky to enter the federal arena.

Governors need foreign policy experience.