South Carolina GOP primary thread

Happy Saturday. lets kick things off while we wait for results

WASHINGTON, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Some 65% of voters in South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary contest do not think Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election, according to the preliminary results of an exit poll conducted on Saturday by Edison Research.
The poll gathered responses from 1,508 voters in the Republican contest. Updated results will be available as more responses are gathered.

  • 65% of voters said that if former President Donald Trump were convicted of a crime, he would still be fit for the presidency. 32% said he would not be fit for the office if convicted.

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Looks like it’s already been called

that was expected, the question will be by how much

I’m sticking with 75/25

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25+ my guess

Haley was a mudder.

And the text campaign is one of the most annoying things a pol can do.

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no comment on the Reuters article though?

No one in S.C. reads Reuters.

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1500 SC voters did respond to the reutters question though. what do you think of their responses?

Well chances are the ones polled were the highly politically active MAGA types anyway. They believe the steal. They have to it’s part of the discourse. I’m not surprised those people would answer like that.

Also I thought the primaries were basically over now. Trump won it didn’t he?

It was closer than I thought it would be.

Lots of dem votes.

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In a republican primary?

Yep. Open voting. Vote in whatever primary you want.

Some dems were actually urging dems to vote for Nikki.


How do you know there were a lot of dem votes?

Nikki couldnt carry her own state thats telling. I do admit i liked her as my governor. Especially over the current joke mctaxster.

What’s it tell you?

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That the election was stolen? A lot of people still think it was. R’s call for voter id’s, D’s complain.

Y’all start acting like you want safe secure elections, and people will stop accusing you of trying to cheat. :man_shrugging:


That Jussie Smollett was right when he said “This is MAGA country?”