Sotomayor injury 'more severe than initially believed'

I feel if they were simply a “head in a jar”, their experiences would be limited, and thus not be representative of the populace at large. Regarding Hob Gadling, from The Sandman, he did evolve with the times to a degree, but he was always the same man who was born so long ago.

If you’re a head in a jar or Paul Ryan, how different are your experiences?

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I never insinuated that the people we have in power right now are worth their weight in salt.

You mean like those that wished Clarence Thomas to drop dead like Scalia did?

Funny I don’t remember you being all too concern about it back then.

Fake News.

If Democrats called for Thomas to die, that was ugly. I condemn that type of behaviour from either side. Nobody should be doing that.

Do you agree?

Way to back him into a corner.

Well if it’s good enough for Slate…


Honesty is the best policy.

That’s what I love about you Trump libs.

They thought it was good clean fun to break it down by conservatives and liberal justices.

One honest question for the D voters here. Isnt your offended meter already maxed out with the current nominee? What level will you stoop to next?

It’s just partisan politics. I recall you lot’s hysterics about important issues like mustard and tan suits.

I didnt think a D could be any angrier or hateful. Are you comparing your hatred of mustard to your hatred of Trump?

This isn’t normal. Lets not pretend this is normal. Things have to improve.

I don’t understand what you’re asking me here.

Of course. It got pretty ugly…but again that has always been the case.

Hilary Clinton would have been normal. It would have sucked, but it would have been normal. This is not normal. This is new. You can’t pretend Donald’s presidency has been more of the same. We have to admit how it’s different than what we’re used to.


It was ugly back when Reagan was pres…very ugly. Only differences is we didn’t have social media.

CBS, NBC and ABC were out of their ■■■■■■■ minds.

I hope you call out your side more than you call out those you see as your opponents. Only we can hold our own side accountable. If we’re going to be good men, we need to hold bad men that we agree with responsible for things we only halfway agree with. I’m trying to be a good person, will you do the same, or do you feel it is beneath you?