Sotomayor injury 'more severe than initially believed'

Lets all join hands and pray for her speedy recovery (wouldnt want to get censored again)

Shoulder? Thank God.

I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Injury sucks. My dad has shoulder problems. Multiple surgeries. Result of work as a UPS driver and a penchant for pushing himself as hard as he could. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

I should’ve said, thank god it doesn’t seem life threatening.

The death watch some Trumpists carry out for liberal SCOTUS judges borders on ghoulish. Reminds me of the “concern” some of them had for Clinton during the election:

“Golly gee willikers, I’m only wondering why those closest to her don’t intervene for the sake of her health!”

I hate getting political about the SC, and especially to any individual Justice. My mind wants to go there, but I keep my thoughts where they should be for the most part.

Saint BlackWolf?

The world is upside down. Everything that was considered normal is up for debate if it’s seen as advantageous. This is how The Purge started.

I absolve thee.


You don’t even need shoulders to Supreme.

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If you read the article you will find it is a very serious shoulder injury , likely to require surgery. No word on how she fell , did she faint due to complications associated with her diabetes? . The severe fracture of the shoulder ball is a major Injury that will slow her down for the remainder of her days. Look at her pic along with this article , she looks very frail. When you combine this injury with her type 2 diabetes I would have a hard time setting the line on which seat opens up next.

Don’t tip them off to “cyrogenically frozen Ginsburg head” on SCOTUS plans.


There is not an ounce of fat on this post.

Setting the line? Are you taking bets?

I’m not exactly sure i like the idea of immortal head-in-a-jars determining what is legal and what is not. It would prevent the law from ever evolving with the times.

Its a pic em at this point

They’re capable of learning. ■■■■ dude, watch Futurama a couple times and stop being such a square.

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I’d prefer Supremes be replaced by AI bots. All I ask is that I get first crack at programming them.

My favorite show. I’ve seen every episode and special.

Ahh. I’ve seen maybe a dozen. Most of those seemed to feature some kind of preserved head in a jar.

Anyways, there’s no evidence a cryogenically or otherwise preserved head in a jar can’t learn new things.

I wonder how Ted Williams cryogenically preserved head is doing?