Soros has been funding the invasion since may

Soros has had plenty of time to set up check points for this invasion, his Organizations have been at it since may.

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That is one evil guy.

I heard that he was also funding the MeToo women’s movement.
I guess that would explain why they’re so Liberal. lol.

I wonder what other organizations he funds.
Does anybody have a list of actual organizations that he funds?

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This Sara Carter sub-forum reminds me of Breibart with its ridiculous conspiracy theories.


(((Soros))) is funding the (((invasion))). We must stop this (((infestation))).


He’s a Globalist.

Somehow we go from:

The detention of children and their mothers is not only inhumane, but incompatible with a fair legal process. The project builds on the volunteer’s collective experiences providing legal services, running a pro bono project for detained families, training lawyers and BIA accredited representatives, and leading advocacy and litigation efforts to challenge unlawful asylum, detention, and deportation policies.


(((Soros)) is funding the caravan invasion.

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Their dog whistles are more like bull horns.


Those rootless cosmopolitans control everything.

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Republicans tend to say In God We Trust, and Democrats can say, in Soros they trust.

I’m just saying, because he tends to support so many of the Democrat groups financially.


So true…

Like spygate, soon to put Obama and his people in jail.

Pretty poor funding,you would have thought he would’ve paid for buses all the way to the border,
their laborious walk alerted Trump to the attempted invasion and sapped the immigrants energy to fight the military.

I wonder where funding is coming from for all of those refugees?

Especially since the Democratic Politicians love them, and constantly want them
here, and say they should be here.

Speaking of which, Dems like to speak about corporations having their hands into politics, yet they are the ones who are for big pharma. (which is also part of the reason why healthcare is so outrageously expensive). The hypocrisy is everywhere.

Just don’t bother with them.


George Soros should fund Pelosi, and the other Democrats to fly around in their Jets.

Not the tax payers!


Can’t argue with that informed analysis.

Don’t the Socialist Dem Dems want a one party system
Where they control everything?

Once they get Socialism, then they’ll go for Communism.

Not in my lifetime though.

Not on your watch? Lol

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All we need is this character to start posting here.

As long as I continue to live in a Country that will allow me to have enough Freedom of Speech to voice my opinion. I will. And I will do so as much as possibly to fight against Socialism, that only wish to silence Conservatives especially.