Something seems so wrong here

That a 17 year old girl euthanized by Netherlands goverment with doctors blessing.

Yeah she had tough childhood. Her innocents was robbed from her. To have state assistant suicide.

I know this is Netherlands but would you want this here in the states?

Seems to me they should have gotten her more help, she should have been taken to horse farm or something so she can bond with something…anything. And who knows…maybe gain her freedom again.

Is this something that you would support?


No, horrible things happen in life and suicide is not the answer. It’s hard enough on the people around the victim, and I don’t want my government endorsing it.


I vehemently disagree with this.

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Her body, her life, her choice. I absolutely have no problem with it, and I support legalized euthanasia in the U.S. Now that doesn’t mean I promote or encourage it, one should always explore all other channels first.

I would probably have a minimum age set at 21 before allowing it, and it could not be done by the government state or federal, only by a medically licensed doctor.


Do you know anyone who has had to battle depression?

Plenty, and personally lost two friends, an aunt and an uncle to it. It’s ugly, it’s complicated. Some choose not to be drugged up their whole life to deal with it. Others choose not to spend their whole life in therapy.

Again, this is about a person being able to make their own choices. I’m not obligated to stay here on Earth. No one else should be either.

It’s her life and her decision. She is the only one who can decide how horrific her life is. She is the only one who can decide she no longer wants to continue living. I’d hope there are other options, but perhaps there are none. If she is set on suicide, I’d rather it be in a humane, painless and controlled manner over someone taking it into their own hands.

So you think someone who is 17 years old has the wisdom to comprehend “spending their whole life”, in any fashion?

I sure as hell did not.


Aborted before adulthood… Very scary!


As I said in my original post, I think 21 is an appropriate age for consideration.

The government doesn’t need to punish people for attempting suicide, but they should never be endorsing it because life is difficult. We all go through tragedies, some more than others.

The only argument I could see is that there is a terminal illness that you will never recover from and causes extreme pain, but only in that limited capacity.

I have been able to see multiple friends and family battle and win, some even repeatedly. I shudder at the thought of this having been an option for them.

But you also agreed with this specific decision.

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here as ask people…absent a religious reason, what’s a moral or rational reason not to allow suicide if that’s the person’s choice?


My wife was talking about this last weekend: It increases the likelihood of suicides in the following generation (I think the number was 40% increase that a child would commit suicide if their parent did). Suicide greatly affects the family and other people around the victim.


I see it as ultimate failure of society…and in so many ways.

Ok that’s a good reason…there are real stats to back that up?

Let me clarify. My post about her life, her body, her choice wasn’t mean to be specifically the person in the topic OP, it was her as in representing a person. 17 really is too young for someone to make a decision like this, but this was in another country not the US, I wouldn’t condone 17 year olds doing it here, and I can’t control what people in other countries do.

What obligation does one person have to another?

I’m sure there are, but I’ll have to ask my wife later.

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