Some thoughts on senate hearing today

In the hearing today Horowitz said he did not opine on the reasons for the errors. It could have been mistakes, it could have been bias. He would not rule that out.

If it was a whole set of mistakes all in one direction, then they just need to close up shop. We are all at risk from them.

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Shut down what? the FBI.

Of the listed mistakes on the Horowitz report on the Carter Page FISA warrant, which one do you think is the most egregious?

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Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater

Dont expect much more than the bad ones

Well, lets start with your opinion on that then, since you brought it up. Rate each one in significance for us, and why.

No you were in fact the one to bring up the errors. Its quite the punt to not follow through when asked about them. Makes it that much more obvious that you’re just parroting what you hear that you couldn’t name a thing

So…you have no idea what the report said about the FISA application, from misrepresentation about the reliability of the dossier to leaving out exculpatory information about Page received from other agencies.
You are just playing a game.
Go read it for yourself if you want to pontificate about it.

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You’re projecting again, its getting tiring

Indeed. Tiring is correct.
You don’t want and aren’t prepared for a discussion.

That would be true in every large organization.

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The irony within this post is astounding

For the most part the errors are pretty insignificant.

Now you go.

Which one do you think is the most egregious?

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The New York field office was leaking information to Rudy during the campaign and during the election. It’s about time this got some attention.

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Which ones were significant, and why?

I’m still a registered Democrat. Have been since 1972 when I voted for George McGovern and you had to be 21 years old to vote. I voted for McGovern because of his anti Vietnam War policy after coming to terms with that debacle and my WWII VET father & uncles giving us their advice and wisdom of “how LBJ and Nixon dragged this country into a meat grinder, got a bunch of kids killed, wasted a lot of money, don’t want to win and don’t have a clue what to do next”! McGovern lost, Nixon resigned and the next and last Dem I ever voted for was Carter; and that turned out well?
I know, why doncha switch party affiliation. Why?
Occasionally a Dem worth their salt comes along locally and the barbecue is usually tasty.

Nah man… I asked you… if you have such a problems that there were errors, it should be easy to point to the one that is the most egregious.

If memory serves they are all spelled out in appendix a.

Don’t even have to search hard for them.

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Well the New York office didn’t seem to mind leaking stuff during the election.

Now…can’t put my finger on what was diffeRent about the New York field office…

Yeah… we have known about this for years.

It can be pointed to that Comey publicly reopening the Clinton email case because of pressure from the NY field office and Guiliani as one of the major things that pushed Trump over the line to win the Presidency.

Yay… Deep State!


The political bias is as clear as the nose on Dem/MSM faces :lying_face: Its like they have BIAS tattooed on their foreheads!

The same ilk mocking and denying obvious bias are the same as those who actually believe Trumps joke on one of his campaign trail speeches about HIllary’s emails proves the Russia collusion/connection nonsense, you cannot make this stuff up as there was a Dem Senator who actually stated that during this committee. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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