Socialism Will Destroy Us

Socialism is the most destructive force of the last century. It will be our demise if we are fooled by it. I believe literally it will be the demise of a very large portion of our population mass death & economic ruin unimaginable in this country on a scale never seen here before, worse than the great depression, both world wars, the civil war, of the flu epidemic combined. I doubt we will ever recover in my opinion. To me socialists are much more a danger than any enemy we have or ever had. Just look at Venezuela & the many other examples of what terror, poverty, enslavement, & death it’s brought to so many nation! But hey, just vote for “your side” huh?


Such ridiculous hogwash. Especially coming from a Trump fan.

Replace Socialism with Authoritarianism in your little diatribe and you’ll be onto something.

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My house’s plumbing would argue that enchiladas with green chile sauce is the most destructive force in recent times. But hey, what does it know.


Baloney! It’s BECAUSE of socialism. The utopian dream just won’t die, no matter the mountains of evidence showing the track records over & over how bad it ends.

Even if the US did go full socialist things wouldn’t play out like Venezuela because we aren’t ■■■■■■■ Venezuela. Different resources, different culture, and different government.

So which socialist based program(s) that you enjoy here in the USA are you willing to part with?


I’m not gonna hold my breath on the United States going full socialist. That’s just stupid.

yes social security is destructive and we must stop it immediately, if not sooner.

also farm subsidies is a social program that must be stopped otherwise the country will take a socialistic turn for the worse.

talk about doom and gloom.


Socialism is in the long list of scary boogeymen these guys use to frightened and subdue the weak minded.

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its the 21st American communist.


So when is socialism like gonna get here?

yeah, it’s just so bizarre. we’re the most powerful capitalist country in the history of the universe and people (who i guess are susceptible to being afraid) sit around and sweat out if we’re gonna be Venezuela. that’s just beyond nutty.


Socualism is inevitable and will be necessary in an age of of automation and AI. At lesst, universal income

OP, make sure you never use Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment benefits, or call 911 for any reason whatsoever… because you hate socialism so much.

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That’s not necessarily true. There will be a retraining period but i don’t think socialism is going to be necessary.

You can also have deflation.

Hard to say without being more specific i guess. Im imagining a future where most of our agriculture and retail will be run by robots/computers. Maybe its too sci fi, but wouldnt that be a world - where machines can grow our food and provide basic services? Cut the 40 hour work week and not have to work for food? Granted, yes people need to maintain and support those machines and they will be paid well.

Universal income indexed to inflation could help. Literally print money so you arent really “redistributing”. Obviously you have to be careful not to dilute money, but thats why cap to inflation. Universal income also still retains consumer competition.

We better not catch the OP at a Parks and Rec, driving on any interstate highway or in a public library either. If he have kids under 18 I hope he putting them in private school.

Farm subsidies ARE socialism…

…for big agribusiness.

There are a lot of these types of “socialism for corporations” deals out there that I bet the OPer hasn’t even considered.

Our bane will be corporatism, not socialism.

And our people have already been indoctrinated into accepting corporatism…read the Amazon thread here, and you’ll see that.

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