So YouTube Banned Proud Boys and Other Channels But not Antifa/BLM For Hate Speech or violence?

This attack on a police officer by a BLM/Antifa protestor should be enough of a telling that tech companies like YT/Twitter to remove accounts of Antifa/BLM who promote violence but they arent why?

Isn’t this a double standards? why hasn’t twitter removed Antifa/BLM accounts which had being calling for more violence or those that had bought shileds? these groups are clearly organized.

Private businesses are going to private business. This should end it, but I predict many posts complaining.


Companies like Facebook,YT,Google should have stayed politically neutral. Being politically on one side or the other never has good results.

Those companies are doing great financially. Your point is moot.


They are private companies. They are able to ban who they want.

They are private companies

I heard this excuse a lot now, not really a good excuse by these companies. Unless they prefer to become like what myspace has turned into.

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They’re one of those that are promotes this death and destruction.

YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms are like this forum. They are all run by private companies, who can control what content users can post. If you don’t like what a specific platform allows, you can always log out, leave the website, and never look back.

Amazing how freedom works, isn’t it?


So we still aren’t waiting to see if the shooter was from Blacktifa and now making new threads under the presumption they were?

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This was confirmed? They caught the shooter?

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Which Antifa/BLM accounts do you propose they ban?

Why would they become what myspace has turned into?

Are you a fan of the Proud Boys?

They are plenty of right wing channels on YouTube, I would see in terms of politics right wingers do better on YouTube than people on the left. They usually don’t straight out ban but they definitely seem to demonetize people. I don’t watch the proud boys not sure about them other than when they make the news. What is interesting some of the more famous left wing youtubers are actually speaking up against banning right wing channels as they know they could be next down the road on the chopping block.

It hasn’t. It’s been “reportedly” and “allegedly”, but that is solid enough evidence for Trump supporters.
But, Trump “allegedly” saying dead soldiers are losers is unfounded BS.


Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

Yes. And people should be allowed to note when they do and comment on it. And if those companies advertise themselves as politically neutral, people should comment on their misrepresentations.

Could they take down and ban all gay marriage videos?

What’s wrong with them?

Their playground. Their rules.