So why wasn't there this woke/CRT movement in the 1980's or earlier?

In the 1850’s, radicals would say that they were “awake”

So it is pretty old.


there wasnt a video recorder in everyones pocket to prove the police brutality…

prior to that it was the cops word against the criminals…

who was believed?


Wokism/CRT are currently a “big deal” because the right wing masters needed new boogeymen. Not to worry, in a few months there will be something else to fill the hearts and minds of their base with a new fears and outrage.

It’s really sad that their base is so easily manipulated.

But most interesting is that direct attacks on Biden haven’t really gained much traction with the American people.

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My theory is that it’s the memes from when he was VP.

Overall, it’s probably the most common metaphor for achieving political consciousness that exists in the world. Ironically, it literally means the same thing as red-pilling.


Yep. Or critical consciousness.

Get “waked up” was the term used in the 1850’s.

Courageous move.

Had anyone seen what Alabama city council member Tommy Bryant said tonight?

The n word.

I don’t think he is woke.


Meh…No biggie, he’s just a “Good Ol’ Boy”, he didn’t mean anything by it.


Are you kidding, they took so much ■■■■ from the establishment over it.


The ‘80’s are when the “intelligentsia and academia” who are propagating the marxist ideologies of indoctrination today were then being indoctrinated.

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They were afraid they were going to lose the programs like affirmative action.