So why hasn't libs called Michael Horowitz to testify in front of congress?

I was meaning to start this yesterday but forgot.

So I was reminded by FOX.

So why haven’t they?

I mean wouldn’t Michael Horowitz be a critical witness for Trump impeachment? Or are democrats afraid that it would undermine everything they were told to believe?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I sense trumpArmy fear, panic, and even desperation setting in.


Wow. I predicted it, but I didn’t expect it so soon. :slight_smile:

As for the OP, gotta recite what the right-wing media tells you, huh?

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You’ve got Comey now!!

Waiting for the Frog March. :frog:

Wait. Barr said no.


So why haven’t libs dragged him before congress? Don’t they want to know the truth?

Or do you all accept Comey was crooked agent?



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Seems to me…you guys rather listen to CNN and their so-called informants/sources verse a sitting IG Michael Horowitz…who BTW was appointed by your great Messiah.

So why haven’t democrats dragged his ass in before em?

Don’t they want to know before they start impeachment hearings?

Wait - someone actually believes the dems are going to follow through with impeachment right before an election???



Are you saying they been misleading their sheep?

They’d be stupid to start impeachment now.

Let the voters eject Trump in 2020. Then the SDNY can deal with Trump.

And it would actually have a side benefit for the republicans. Maybe they can rethink the error of their ways for the past 3 years, and come back as an actual conservative party.

Nah - who am I kidding. That’s about as likely as impeachment before an election…

Libs want to wait until after the reelection. They’ll need need to scream and shout at the sky again first.

OP and link nothing more than cons shaking tiny fists and screaming at skies. You got em now!


It’s not the impeachment…you have a duty to demand answers.

Don’t you?

Or it’s more like libs won’t like those answers.

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Sheep thought em IG report bring Comey to jail in chains. Sad. Not happen.


This is something real that CNN and other left-wing DNC propaganda outlets that can wrap themselves around with…instead of making up ■■■■■

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How many people died?


Fake News.


Yes…CNN is fake news.

Did Comey use a Sharpie?

No he did not.

Good for em.