So why do we need a wall?


What do you think the purpose of rapid deployment forces is?

You reduce the manpower needed by roughly 90% with effective physical barriers, electronic, monitoring and RR capability.


In terms of manpower across a 2,000 mile border, a “rapid response team” could respond to surveillance detections just as quick as a group who brought a 30 foot ladder to some remote region…


Now you are just making stuff up… I love how people always land on “90%” when they do, it’s cute!


The difference is 100 individuals running in 100 different directions across an unsecure border versus 100 individuals attempting to climb a single ladder.


Even if they are detected if you don’t have the manpower to interdict them they are successful.

Effective physical barriers act first as a deterrent, and secondarily to reduce the successful crossers to a trickle.

The monitoring/surveillance then enables the command centers to directly the agents to the attempted and successful breeches which will still occur on a much, much smaller scale and be easily interdicted.


It’s more than reduced to a trickle NOW - in fact, there’s a net OUTFLOW of undocumented immigrants from Mexico as evidenced by the fact that the number of undocumented immigrants from Mexico is currently at a decade low. So what’s the emergency again, other than smoke and mirrors from the idiot in chief?


I believe we are on the same page here. :slight_smile:


I have a clue, I have a great deal of experience in security and breaching same.


That’s not how people cross the border… lol


= “meaningless bells and whistles” - Donald Trump, on Twitter


I have more experience.


No it isn’t. A trickle would be a few hundred a month.


And you know this how???


Fascinating. Do tell.


You seem not to comprehend that the numbers show that more are leaving than entering.


A second of research… crossing the border is deadly and done in groups with payed handlers.


13.5 years in SOCOM.


So you doubt, they would scatter in many directions if confronted by a small handful of border agents?


lol - Yeah, and no more illegal drugs either. :rofl:


Why doesn’t the Administration put forth a detailed plan for His Wall, with details, specs, costs?

Trump administration didn’t even spend the Border Security money allocated to them last year or hire all the Border Agents they were authorized to hire.