So why do we need a wall?


There can’t be any accurate numbers since they are crossing illegally in both directions.

The Border Patrol tells us that it’s more than just a minor problem and they are the professionals.


You are just regurgitating the LW talking points of the day.


So the plan works so long as there aren’t any ladder sales. :grin:


Apparently someone isn’t interested in talking about the subject anymore.


I wonder if people who are FOR the fence realize that there are better technologies that could keep MORE mexicans out of our country.


No I’m not.


How many people can get over the wall with a ladder in five minutes?

How many can cross an open border in five minutes.


We know that isn’t true, not without a massive increase in manpower, infrastructure, and transportation resources to support them.


Apparently 2,000 miles of border can be responded to equally by 10% of the manpower, as long as they don’t have a ladder.

ladders must be banned!


That’s the DHS spokesman. They say what they’re paid to say by the administration.


Given, that I’ve already heard exactly the same talking points recited verbatim, on more than one occasion, I can only guess that those are today’s talking points. :+1:


I don’t care who said it, there’s no way to track them.


People will walk across the desert for days to cross the border. Jumping a wall will add a slight increase in duration to their journey by percentage.


Just couldn’t resist could you? :roll_eyes:


The answer is irrelevant in terms of manpower across a 2,000 mile border, the response would be initated at the first crossing, and the response times would need to be equal.


Cool. Just don’t appeal to “authorities” who are administration hacks.

So how do we know there’s a crisis if no one has any idea how many people are crossing?

Here’s a hint. There is no crisis. It’s manufactured. By those aforementioned hacks.


What matters is whether or not the can be successful and in what numbers.

The most desperate people in the world are deterred by effective physical barriers.

Visit a military base or prison sometime or the other 65 nations that use them to secure their borders.


Lol. Those are facts baby.


We are seeing that play out before our eyes in Tijuana. We have a physical barrier on both sides of the legal port of entry, funneling the traffic to the legal port of entry. Those physical barriers are very effective in that regard.


Actually they are just talking points. :+1: