So why do we need a wall?

You didn’t read my post did you? :smirk:

The Customs and Border Protection don’t understand the problem like Donald Trump and Republican voters do. Either build the wall or Donald Trump will defund the CBP full stop.


Nothing to do with what I posted.

Those must not be “experts.”

Check again. The last report from the agency stated that more technology and personal were needed and did not endorse the need for the wall.

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Top agents with decades of experience stood beside the President and stated their united opinions that it was necessary and it really is that simple…for those that choose not to make this a political issue. Who can remove their feelings and listen to those without a political agenda? That…is the question?

Yes. You have been misled. Because nothing stops illegal activity completely. But barriers reduce it bigly.

I don’t need to check again. I saw an interview with the head of the border patrol. They have not changed their minds, They still support a wall.

Nope. I was not trying to imply YOU have said we need a border wall to stop the drugs.

I’m saying what you’re saying about the tunnels being used for drugs directly counterdicts the things that Trump Administration has been saying about why we need the border wall. If drugs aren’t coming through the areas where there is no physical barrier, why bring that up as a reason why we need a physical barrier?

Do Nancy and Chuck oppose a wall because they are afraid it will fail? Or are they afraid it will succeed?

No they didn’t.

They need existing fencing where it is (and where it currently is is logical) and technology and resource improvements.

Even the survey linked here shows that.

That’s what “wall in strategic locations” means.

A position no one disagrees with.


The border wall in SD has just pushed crossing farther east where the wall has ended and consequently fatalities are higher for crossers.

The tunnels are used for drug smuggling and some big dollar people moving(drug dealers).

The wall is dumb.

The wall is dumb. I agree.

National Border Patrol Council stands with President Trump on the border wall

Yes…they did and I quote…“anywhere you look, where we have built walls…they have worked”.

I’m sure if you’re a border agent in SD you like walls because it’s easer sitting in your truck driving up and down a wall than and letting the agents farther east do the work. Meanwhile, the smart coyotes are getting through the gaps in the fence as he drives by eating donuts.

I don’t care what the council leaders do for whatever political reason they’re doing it.

I’m pointing to the survey that Altair linked, which stated what border patrol members favor- walls/fences in STRATEGIC locations…a position no one disagrees with.

Trump’s plan for a border wall…whatever it happens to be at this moment…is a boondoggle.

Now that…you’re proving to be true by your denial of what they just said.

Hmmm this is the same guy (Judd) who said to the Senate…

“We don’t need a great wall of the United States. We don’t need 2,000 miles of border wall. I will tell you, however, that a wall in strategic locations is absolutely necessary.”

I’m guessing you won’t respond to that though.

You keep disingenuously editing my responses…and we are done arguing.

Your call.

There’s truth to that. Why build a wall on the side of a steep mountain that most people can’t cross? There are physical barriers in nature that act as a wall and in those places, it isn’t necessary. I want huge walls in places where those same experts say it is necessary and that hasn’t been accomplished yet. Now…you’re turn to respond.