So what's up with Harvard?

Are they actually worried that kids wouldn’t receive proper indoctrination if they’re home schooled? Are they worried that they might no be good socialist democrats?

In Harvard’s May-June issue, Elizabeth Bartholet, a law professor and faculty director of the school’s Child Advocacy Program, worried homeschooled children will not be able to contribute to a democratic society.

I really find this statement odd. She worried about people having power over their families and kids…but we see real reason here. She worried that educational system will take away powers from them. That’s what this is really about.

It’s about the ability to indoctrinate…of course forum libs will deny it.

“The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18?” Bartholet asked. “I think that’s dangerous. I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.”


That is some scary false logic right there.

The total authority line is a tell.

Good find Conan!


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It’s left-wing elitist mentality that we see every day from the left and media.

Governors Whitmer and Wolfe if they spoke out against home schooling…which is pretty much what they gave us by closing the schools.

Not sure what you’re talking about except for her comment about banning all face to face schooling. Which I believe she later clarified.

Mmmmmm red meat!

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I am homeschooling 2 kids right now. I am not cut out for it. Especially since I still work. Teachers are professionally trained to teacher… it would be rather arrogant of me to think I can give my kids the same level of education that a teacher could.


That’s find and dandy for you…but you don’t get a say on other people kids.

Now on personal note and not to be offensive in any way. Are you at least enjoying your time with your kids? If so enjoy it while it last. :wink:

I home schooled my kids and that Harvard article is total crap.

My children had a large hand in crafting their own curricula and they were exposed to a number of philosophies and points of view.

I am a non-theist, but we gave our children full freedom to choose their own path in that regards.

And they all turned out successful.

The bottom line. Send your children to public school if you wish or private school or home school. But don’t attack the choices of others. All three options are valid and appropriate for those who choose them.

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That’s the correct attitude. They all have their own positives and yes negatives. But the point is it’s up to each individual to decide what’s best for their kids. The state doesn’t get a say IMO.

The Harvard Prof and probably many others across the country think it is dangerous because it will make those kids more difficult to indoctrinate when they get to college. :roll_eyes:


I never indicated that my experience was everyone’s experience. However GENERALLY speaking teachers should teach

I do, wish I wasn’t working as well but it is good.

Thanks for asking

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Did you click through and read the Harvard magazine article, or just stick to the Fox news snippet? That’s what university magazines do. They explore ideas.

This lady is a law professor, in a Child Advocacy program. She sees the worst of the worst in parents. Not all parents are the Cleavers. Parents are humans, and some unrepentently nasty.

Children are little humans, and they deserve advocacy when they lose the genetic parent lottery.

Having said that, homeschooling is a right and it’s not going away.

It’s a good topic but it needn’t have been partisan.


Yep, parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to different viewpoints, it might undo parental indoctrination.


Is that why libs are against school vouchers?

Vouchers suck.

Right…libs don’t want kids to be exposed to different viewpoints.

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Cons don’t want children exposed to different viewpoints.

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I read the Harvard magazine article and found a good bit of the Professor’s thinking to be dangerous imo.

For example she was complaining about religious extremism among parents. To a left wing style professor that would be anyone religious.

That’s completely none of her business whether the parents are religious or not and that they teach their children those values.

I have been aware for decades what liberal professors are trying to do to our children which is why i sent mine to a Christian University rather than a state school.


Funny that. It’s libs that are bitching about it.

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