So what's up with Harvard?

Some parents teach their children how to assess and navigate different world views and ideas. Some parents aren’t able to do that themselves so they try to shield their children from them. Neither type of parent is mutually exclusive to any form of education.

Nope, sorry.

Harvard mastering pot meet kettle? Say it isn’t so!

Bostonians are a people with their noses in the air when it comes to whites from the southeast and their “racism”, but look here!

They’ve also got their noses in the air when it comes to southerners and income, including welfare dependency, but lookee here!

Looks like the Commonwealth is catching up. And that graph doesn’t include programs like Medicaid. Lost count of how many I’ve met who’d rather “get the Mass Health” than an employer sponsored plan.

Massachusetts is the capital of pot meet kettle! And we’re surprised that the oldest university, previously associated with stacking its deck against Jewish and now Asian students, is accusing home schooling parents of fostering white supremacy?

It’s really nothing new for Hahvuhd or Massachusetts. Come sometime. You’ll see so many examples of pot meeting kettle you’ll think you’re forever in a coffee lounge.

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