So what's next?

Now that all your hopes and dreams came crashing down around libs…whats next?

I’m serious about this question.

You all invested so much time and energy…not counting vast amount of political capital in this Russian collusion conspiracy and other so-called criminal acts etc…where do you all go from here?

LEC had totally destroyed their reputation, CNN is in a free fall, Maddow is laughing stock of cable news.

And all you guys can do is to go after Trump family. Yeah like that’s a wining strategy.

And even if you all do pivot to politics…you run smack dab into 4 angry crazy hens.

Talk about getting yourself between a rock and hard place…personally I’m extremely impress what you all done to yourselves. We couldn’t have done better even if we planned it. :sunglasses:


You guys really screwed the pooch…I would be deflect too if I was in you’re all shoes.


Waiting for the mass round ups and Hillary’s arrest.

I’m about to go walk the dogs.

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Not into the woods I hope.


I will be returning with the dogs when I come back. I’m not a monster.


I’m going to bitch and complain about the GDP. I understand I should be upset about it.


Someone forgot what happened in 2018. :rofl:

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I’m predicting we will no longer be hearing or talking about the Mueller report. I believe it has finally run its course.

I do still expect to see impeachment hearings beginning next year though. Pelosi won’t be able to contain the radicals in her caucus forever. The impeachment hearings will dominate the media next year. IMHO

Based on what we saw in 2016, I’m convinced that will be a major mistake by the DEMs - ensuring Trump easily wins reelection.

Trumpcare or maybe the wall? We have been waiting for a long time for those.

LOL… You can expect plenty of house investigations, Trump losing court on a number of cases, and potentially and impeachment inquiry but no impeachment trial…

A great way to enter the 2020 election season.

It was devastating in 2018… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Obama lost seats in 2010 and was reelected in 2012. Midterms are meaningless as a predictor for the general election.


I’m cooking dinner and laughing at Donnie mishaps.

2010 was devastating for Obama, yet he still won in 2012. :wink:

I’ve got a nasty stomach virus. I’m taking the afternoon off!

Keep telling yourself that. :rofl:


Midterms are a good predictor of the general election? Was that the case for Obama in 2012, or is it simply wishful thinking on your part?

I don’t think Obama is going to get the nomination…

You know full well what I’m talking about. 2018 is not a predictor of what will happen in 2020 anymore than 2010 was a predictor of what happened in 2012.