So what should Sasha Cohen do next?

Only Republicans really care about the military. When Democrats say they do, they’re just pandering. You can tell they’re lying because their mouths are moving. If anyone should be able to wave the flag high it’s Republicans and Conservatives (they’re different).

He shouldn’t do anything.
He shouldn’t apologize for anything.
People will either watch his show or not.

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He needs to apologize for shining even the smallest of lights on that Sarah Palin thing. Some things should not be dug up.

Thank you for that.

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He lied. Claiming that he was a disabled American hero in order to secure an interview. Should he apologize to real heroes?

If he apologizes for that, he has to apologize for every other disguise he’s ever made. Don’t be silly.

I wasn’t asking for your advice. Don’t be pushy.

I will put you down as a no.

I really don’t like comedians. They’re always doing things that I’m uncomfortable with. Why do they have to be a reflection of reality all the time? In my day, we have good clean humor. None of this newfangled stuff. Wholesome Jesus humor that you can actually have at your church. We would have never stood for what passes as comedy today.

Too bad conservatives arent as upset as to how the vet got disabled in the first place…

But then again they are just using the vets to attack cohen and really dont give two craps about them…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are deplorable. Instead of campaigning on issues, why don’t y’all run a campaign based on conservatives being bad, bad people? :crazy_face:

Maybe conservatives should stop supporting bad, bad people.

drive himself off of a high cliff

At some point Republicans need to hold their President to the same standard they hold comedians. President Pence has a nice ring to it.

Wait. I’m really confused now. Didn’t you guys nominate Hillary? The sleaziest, most corrupt, greediest, dirty dealing, revenge plotting, meanest, nastiest, finger pointing, double dealing, bitter, hysterical witch in the history of our country? And now you are complaining about bad republicans? You guys need to do some serious soul searching and maybe a little purging of your own party before you start judging others. This is a joke. Right?

You support trump. You support his nastiness.

I feel Pence would make an excellent president. You would rather have Donald Trump. That says a lot about your values.

Seriously? Now we get to the part where you get to judge me? How God awful boring. I don’t give a rats ass about your personal judgement of me. Let me know when you want to discuss the topic again. zzzzzzz. :sleeping:

The OP was about judging a comedian for vile behavior. Behavior that is less worse than the things the president you support has done. You’re mad that it’s being pointed out.

I’m calling hypocrisy

I know. As I said. You are very, very good at being very, very judgmental. I gotta go now. As I said Boooooring!

Have a nice day. Nice OP. It’s been fun debating what comedy is with you this morning.

Retire from public life, except for continue being the voice for the lemur king on the Madagascar cartoons.