So what should Sasha Cohen do next?

You will all be shocked, but I have an idea. Apparently Sasha believes that it is okay to make a joke out of people who have sustained battle wounds and will be spending their lives in wheelchairs. To him, mocking them and using them as political props is just fine and Dandy. He can sit in a wheelchair, score his points and get up walkaway. While real wounded hero’s watch. I don’t think they are amused. So how about this:

  1. Apologize profusely, visit Walter Reed and apologize to some of them in person.

  2. Donate one million dollars to wounded warriors.

  3. Walk away for about a year. Keep your trap shut and allow people the time they need to forgive you.

Any disagreements?

Snowflake. Our own President makes fun of the disabled. You can’t ask comedy to not reflect reality.


He can go strait to hades!

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Dude. You whiffed on this one bigly. It’s about our disabled vets. Not me. He owes me nothing. The ones who you are calling names are the vets. They are the ones you are accusing of being snowflakes.

It’s not funny, it’s not comedy to mock people who have given everything for their country. You are free to support him if you like. I’m not asking anyone not to.

I’m a vet. I haven’t bothered looking into what he did. Our own President has disparaged vets. I still feel that comedy HAS to reflect reality.

The funny guy can tell jokes to Satan. He will appreciate the sick “humor.”

You must have been super-upset when Trump mocked McCain.

But not so super-upset so as to not vote for him.

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I think I saw a campaign shirt that said “■■■■ Your Feelings”. I’m gonna go with that.


Me too. U.S. Marines. I do not have a purple heart and I would NEVER EVER try to trick people into believing that I had one. Simply despicable. But as I said, you are free to support this debacle.

This is another example of hiding behind veterans, in this case disabled veterans who wouldn’t be disabled if liberals had their way, to distract from a Republican who ends up looking stupid. Republicans use vets all the time and don’t even think twice about it.

Like you, I would never claim to have a purple heart. Hell, I’m even open to sharing what job I did if asked. Let me assure you it’s not something cool, like being a Ranger.
We will disagree though on what is too outrageous regarding comedy, because comedy reflects reality. What the President of the United States has said in the past is outrageous and disgusting. Comedy is going to reflect this gross reality we’re living in.

Lets try to fix that going forward. Ok? We shouldn’t be electing gross men to the highest office in the world. Otherwise, aren’t we kind of consenting that this type of behavior is ok?

I was super upset.

It was stupid campaign rhetoric. And it was one of the worst things that anyone has ever said in a political campaign. But why would that make me switch to socialism? Or vote for the worst candidate in the history of the country? His remark was equal to Hillary’s character assassination of half of America. Or her lying to Benghazi families. Vote for somebody who referred to me personally as deplorable? Hell no! I voted for Trump because of his vision for America. And I love what he is doing. Every other candidate simply sucked. Should he apologize to Senator McCain? Of course he should. But the Trump thing has already been discussed countless times. It is okay to discuss this Cohen nit wit as well. Right?

I prefer people who weren’t wounded.

He was not making fun of veterans, he was making fun of public figures and politicians who will jump at any opportunity to use veterans to further their own career ambitions or personal wealth.


So you consented that this type of behavior is befitting of the highest office in the world. You can’t hold a comedian to a higher standard than you hold the President. Even now you could demand he resign so we can get an honourable man, Mike Pence, in office. You don’t want that though. You like Trump even though he’s a awful human being. You just don’t want people to make fun of that. That’s the true offensive thing to you.

I think that my reasoning is clear and concise. I cannot say it any better than I already did. I let you change the subject to Trump. Now may I change it back?

Do you disagree with my suggestions for Cohen?

No. He’s a comedian. You can’t ask that comedy not reflect reality. I don’t think I can lay out my reasoning more clearly. You just don’t like that reality is so vile. That’s not the fault of the comedian for pointing it out.

Did someone say wheelchair?

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Quoted for obviousness.

Expanding on this, veterans are used constantly. Look at the graft involved with Wounded Warriors before they started cleaning up their act. In this instance, people like Sarah Palin are upset that vets weren’t used for her/Republicans benefit. They’re the ones who are supposed to decide how vets get used.