So we are keeping troops in Syria


Turns out a fake real estate shyster from NYC and 3rd rate reality TV clown knows nothing about military strategy.


Yes, this is it.


Unless it comes to Venezuela, then an invasion is “justified.”


It absolutely is not. If you feel that it is, then you need to volunteer to be one of the 200 sacrificial lambs.


So you agree with Trump?


Yea Europe!!! Boo Trump!!!

Of course we can. It’s actually really easy. You send a couple of planes and somebody with some stripes says “Get on the planes.”

I’ve done it thousands of times.


So why haven’t they done it?


Yeah, but you spelled it wrong. Trump wants piece.


When are U.S troops going to take out the military in Venezuela?


That is a ridiculous argument. By that argument only people actively involved in a military operation could have any say in it. Not how our country is set up. God knows I don’t want Trump on the front lines. That idea goes way beyond the militaristic SATIRE of Starship Troopers. And even there Heinlein had it where active military couldn’t even vote.


No Adam, you can have a say. But if you’re going to say 400 Spartans should be hung out to dry, pick up your own sword and join them.

Syria is none of our business.


Wednesday, what do you want them to do Thursday?


It’s strategic brilliance keeping the US adversaries on their toes. No one can predict our actions if we do not know what we are doing.


They’re not “hung out to dry”. They’re deployed in support of US foreign policy. Just like hundreds of thousands of othet army, navy, air force, marine and coast guard servicemen and women. You may disagree with their deployment, but our system is set up for that. And spare me the Thermopylae comparison. That’s Trump level hyperbole. And anyone else having weird posting issues?


400 troops left in the middle of a war zone as a dare is the very definition of hung out to dry.

It would take either side a few minutes to kill every one of them.

I’ve been there. You?

What happened at Thermopylae?


:rofl: True that. Masters of Chaos.


What’s the dare? I’ve been following the Syrian conflict incredibly closely since 2014(I was late to the game. Just passing following for 2011-2013 except for certain major events.) And I don’t remember a dare.

Side question, and I only ask this because there are a lot of ignorant people here at times(and on some suspects I am one of them) but when you ask what happened at Thermopylae are you actually asking or being sarcastic? The Spartan reference(and I work at Michigan State University by the way) implies you know that 300 Spartans along with 1500 other Greeks died fighting the Persians there. Are you saying al-Tanf is the equivalent? Or Cizire? Manbij? Kobani?


Why do you want them to stay?


Why did the Spartans and other Greeks go there to die?

What happened after?



Yeah, we are the Spartans. What’s your point?